Ask any student or graduate in the US and UK what bothers them the most and the “99 problems” they worry about largely relate to student loans.

The average student in America takes $ 37,172 in student loan debt – more than what some graduates earn in one year of work, according to the Wall Street newspaper. The figure is even more astronomical in the UK – £ 34,800, equivalent to $ 44,800, which is why government figures show that 83% of all student loans will not be fully repaid until they are canceled after 30 years.

Forget North Korea, student loans are the biggest concern of Americans and Brits. But without decent government proposals to solve the biggest conundrum of higher education today, young people have no choice but to bite the bullet and face the current funding system.

The world is unfair and it is fair that we can, at the very least, express our rage in memes. Prepare for the strange feeling of laughter-stress-cry …

1. The ultimate paradox

The student life cycle is as follows: apply for a student loan to enter college> work to earn that degree and hope for a good life> earn a degree> struggle to pay off hundreds of thousands of dollars for said student loan >? too late to have a good life? > death …

(Okay, maybe it’s a little dramatic, but it’s all in the name of the meme!)

2. The term of compound interest

Compound interest is so bad that the only way for some to have successfully paid off their student loan is through some form of insurance settlement that has allowed them to write off their debt.

3. Another paradox

When you applied to refinance your student loan debt and they turned you down because you have “too many financial obligations” * mind blowing *

4. An interpretation of student loan cancellation we can all agree with

According to Forbes, As of June 30 of last year, 28,000 student loan borrowers in the United States have filed 33,000 utility loan cancellation applications. Almost all (99%) were rejected. With stats like these, who needs enemies?

5. When to pay them is like a six month trip to the pits of hell

Except it’s not a six-month trip, it’s decades. In the United States, the standard federal loan repayment schedule is 10 years but it usually takes the holder of an average four year degree 19.7 years to reimburse them in full.

Across the pond, mechanical engineers earning an average starting salary of £ 25,000 can expect to pay 100% after 29 years and four months. Graduates entering journalism or publishing, with an average starting salary of £ 19,000, will only be able to repay 43% of their total student loan after 30 years, the maximum time limit before it runs out. removed.

6. Work until death do us part

While unemployment is falling, wage growth shows no increasing trend in the United States. Meanwhile, UK graduates face a labor market where unemployment of highly skilled young people is above the national average. As such, many graduates envision a working life, with few possibilities for retirement.

7. Adulthood = serfdom

University made everyone rich. Not anymore. According to statistics from the Bureau of Labor, workers with a bachelor’s degree receive a median weekly salary of US $ 1,189, but monthly repayments can run into the hundreds of dollars, using up a substantial portion of the salary that could otherwise be used. to a mortgage, a car, from a family, etc …

8. How to get rich … and pay off that student loan quickly

All kidding aside, there are some decent ways to pay off those student loans faster. There is the Income-based repayment plans created by the Department of Education, where monthly payments are determined by your annual income from the previous year. Those wishing to relocate to Kansas may also qualify for student loan assistance through the Kansas Rural Opportunity Zones program to stem the decline of the state’s population.

9. When you won the moms lottery and got one that paid off your student debt for you

Hooray for the lucky one! Now excuse me, while I bawl my eyes out in a corner wishing she was my mother.

10. This is the age you will be when you finish paying

At least it’s over, right?

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