OAssessing the value of your investment pool is never fun, but we’ve been through this before. As experts make predictions about where the economy will go this year, what is certain is that the market will eventually bottom out, and when it does, some tech stocks will explode from their lows.

The trading post (NASDAQ: TTD) and Spotify (NYSE: SPOT) were beaten in this bear market, but there are good reasons to expect these tech stocks to deliver fantastic returns over the next decade. Take a look at each.

1. The Trading Post

The Trade Desk is a advertising management leader platform that helps advertisers buy, create and better manage their campaigns across multiple channels and devices. It gives businesses access to a wide variety of advertising inventory and third-party data that is valuable to ad buyers looking to capitalize on the growing consumption of digital media.

The stock has skyrocketed in recent years and has probably become a bit too expensive. But after a 49% fall year-to-date, despite strong growth in the first quarter, investors have a great buying opportunity. Fears of a slowing economy and a potentially sluggish advertising environment are obviously weighing on Trade Desk’s stock performance, but revenue was still up 43% year-over-year over the course of the year. last quarter, which represents an acceleration compared to the previous quarter.

Not many companies have reported an acceleration in growth over the past quarter, so investors may be selling the company’s value too short. As CEO Jeff Green said on the first quarter earnings call, “I believe we are now firmly established as the default provider [demand side platform] for the open internet and that we are very well positioned to grow and gain market share regardless of the macro environment.”

There are a few factors that work in favor of the company. First, Trade Desk operates an open platform that clients can customize to their needs. It also does not buy advertising inventory to sell to clients for profit, but instead makes money by charging fees based on the total advertising spent on its platform.

The growing use of connected TV and 5G wireless speeds are two trends that will drive The Trade Desk’s growth over the next decade. These new technologies are fueling the growth of data and the digital advertising market, which management predicts will eventually comprise nearly all advertising spending, a $1 trillion opportunity.

At these lower price levels, The Trade Desk offers attractive upside potential over the next 10 years. While it serves a large advertising industry, its revenue over the past 12 months totaled just $1.3 billion. All this means that Trade Desk can grow for a long time.


Spotify has dominated the music streaming market for the past decade. As its 422 million monthly users know, Spotify’s popularity is tied to its personalized music recommendations and ease of discovering new artists. Other services offer the same features, but Spotify’s availability on many devices has allowed it to remain the #1 streaming platform. Over the past four years, its subscriber churn has dropped 30% despite growing competition from Apple Music, Qobuz, Tidal, and others.

Success in the music space has placed the company in an excellent position to expand into other audio markets like podcasting and audiobooks – two areas where management is investing for growth. The concern on Wall Street is that these investments could weigh on Spotify’s profitability. But management sees podcasts as potentially more profitable than musicwhich makes sense, given that exclusive podcast content can better differentiate Spotify’s service from competitors that offer the same catalog of songs.

The best music streamers don’t compete on music content, but who can offer the best streaming technology, recommendations, and overall user experience. But that doesn’t lend itself to sustainability competitive advantage long-term. By expanding into the wider audio landscape, Spotify can transform itself more into a content creation platform and therefore gain more control over its ability to generate growing profits.

The stock is down nearly 58% year-to-date as concerns over Spotify’s margins weigh on shares as well as the market selloff. But Spotify has better growth prospects than investors are giving it credit for. Spending per capita on music has started to rise again for the first time in nearly two decades, and that’s working to the advantage of the leading audio platform.

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