LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Every year, hundreds of companies consider international expansion. As part of this process, international payments become inevitable. As globalization offers enormous potential for growth, finding a provider to make fast and cost-effective money transfers greatly affects your business.

To help you make the right decision, the experts at DNBC Financial Group have created the best 5 tips to get the best business account for international payments.

Compare carefully between transfer service providers.

The common thought is that your current bank is the safest and best for transferring your money overseas. The reality is that this is not always the case. To make sure you get the best deal when you send money abroad, you need to compare providers.

Investing a little extra time in choosing the most suitable supplier will quickly pay off in monetary savings and improvements to your business.

Use additional business account features

Many account holders do not take full advantage of a digital banking app. It could be a waste. Apart from the main function of transferring and receiving money, depending on each provider, there will be additional tools attached to better support its users.

The amount of money you transfer

You should consider how much money you are transferring. If you want to transfer large sums of money, you should choose a provider that specializes in large transactions. For large volumes, you won’t want to use banks if possible, as they often charge high fees to transfer money around the world.

Financial institutions like DNBC would be an ideal option if you need to transfer large amounts as they offer a larger quota than other providers in the space.

Select a provider that makes your life easier

Once you have made the decision to use a payment provider, make sure they offer you the best tools that can relieve your daily stress and therefore improve your life.

People usually only care about fees; but they often neglect support features as well as user experience. But if you have to use digital banking on a daily basis, the right platform will bring you comfort, otherwise it will become an annoyance.

Use your business account for all transactions

If you are someone who regularly transfers and receives money internationally. Using your account for all these transactions will make your financial management easy to follow and convenient.

Have your bills paid on this account, send and receive all business payments from this account, pay your employees, to facilitate accounting. If any of these transactions are international, a DNBC business account can save on currency conversion fees.

Open multi-currency accounts

If you operate internationally and frequently receive or make payments in foreign currencies, it’s worth setting up multi-currency accounts with your provider.

Convenience is the most important benefit of a global currency account. If you run a business, you’ll save time and avoid confusion with one account for all your customers.

Improve your international payments with DNBC

A good business account provider will make your business life easier. Any company operating internationally should explore the benefits a supplier can bring, both in terms of cost savings and improved internal efficiency.

DNBC is a financial institution that offers free account opening and fantastic customer service. It offers unparalleled comfort and transparency to its users: via their smartphone, customers can open an account whenever and wherever they want.