The mortgage loan is among the most directed credit to people which can be found in the market. The high quantity that usually implies (hundreds associated with thousands and even millions of pesos), payable over a long period of your time (usually between 15 plus 30 years), generates the advantages of a particularly thorough analysis simply by financial institutions.

Pertaining to applicants, it is a prior planning that begins several years before you go to a bank branch plus carrying the required documents. There are various concepts and procedures to learn and decisions to be produced before getting involved in a home loan.

In this payment we answer some of the most regular concerns about one of the most committed economic goals of the lifestyle project: having a house or even apartment. To reflect detailed on this issue, we motivate you to read the First Casing Guide, a document that gives more details on how to prepare to attempt this task.


1 . Whenever am I prepared to get a mortgage loan?

mortgage loan

In terms of your own financial health, you can think about yourself prepared when you have steady income (if you are used, you have at least two years within the company), you have the cost savings for the initial value of the house, your credit history and score are usually Optimal and you can assume the particular payment of the loan payments without your total financial debt commitments exceeding 45% of the income.

Additionally , it is preferable that your age group and credit term, whenever added, do not exceed sixty-five years.


  second . What are the steps to acquire a home loan?

 2. What are the steps to acquire a mortgage loan?

The process is similar to using any other financing: the paperwork required by the bank are usually collected, a financial intermediation organization is visited to make the ask for, the entity’s response can be expected based on its evaluation and, if the result will be positive, the contracts are usually signed and the loan disbanded.

However , prior to contacting the bank you have to make choices that can be complex, such as understanding if it is really convenient to get a home at that time or it is best to rent.

In case it is considered suitable to acquire the house, it is necessary to find out which one should buy (the professionals do not recommend a house in whose cost exceeds 2 . five times the annual income for the future owner), the location of the house, when it is purchased by plane or even already built, among additional variables.

Additionally it is advisable to advise on all of the commitments involved in the financing plus ownership of a home.


3. How much money could the Dominican bank lend me personally to buy a home?

3. How much money could a Dominican bank lend me to buy a home?

Incidents where finance up to 80% plus 90% of the value of the house. But it is advisable to get a sufficient savings ratio to prevent financing for an amount which is too high. Remember that the credit score has a cost and its complete value will be greater towards the extent that the term to pay for it is.


4. What is the value of the initial required for the home loan?

4. How much is the initial required for the mortgage loan?

Usually, the minimal amount is 10% from the value of the home. However , it is suggested to have at least 20% off the cost of the house or apartment.


5. What is the average price at which a bank might lend me and for just how long?

5. What is the average rate at which a bank would lend me and for how long?

According to the data documented by the bank comparator Rexi, the average rate of home loans is 12. 5% ​�? as of February 2019). The lower, 8. 95% and the higher, 16. 95%.


six. What are the commitments of the home loan?

6. What are the commitments of the mortgage loan?

When assuming a home loan, in addition to paying the eye and paying off the capital, life insurance coverage (optional, but recommended) plus fire insurance (mandatory) should be paid. During the formalization from the credit, credit closing expenses and legal expenses should be paid.

Along with these expenses, you must dignity other costs that are not really part of the financing itself yet are mandatory for the possession of a property: the property taxes, maintenance costs of the home (which in some projects), repairs, amongst others.


7. Do you need guarantors for the mortgage loan?

The property is the guarantee from the loan, but in the situations of couples, both is going to be co-debtors: they share the obligation of the loan.


7. What do I have to do in order to qualify for a mortgage loan?

You must demonstrate to the particular financial intermediation entity which you have the capacity to take on the mortgage, that you are well paid (with a good score and credit score history) and that your income is usually stable. Basically that is the actual financial intermediation entity can evaluate when studying your own credit application.


nine. What happens when I can’t pay out a mortgage loan?

9. What happens when I can

As with the vehicle loan, where the great is part of the guarantee, in case you exceed 90 days past due, the particular financial intermediation entity may award your home and sell this to pay off your debt.

As you have been able to read through, the mortgage loan is a complicated financial product, which value in-depth knowledge and much evaluation prior to signing a contract.

In addition to the credit alone, choosing a home, deciding regardless of whether to buy or rent, exactly where, when and how to do it can be another exercise that must be done before you make the decision. Our recommendation is that you simply read and soak your self up so that you can prepare your budget for this great project. Achievements!