QINGDAO, China, January 26, 2022 /CNW/ — Hisense today announced its commitment to set reduction targets of 230,000 tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2022 and released its sustainability video “Hisense, Towards a greener future”. According to Hisense, the manufacturing system was reduced by 76,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2021. Achieving this goal globally in 2022 will require a diversified strategy, transformation will be implemented from B2B to B2C to embrace sustainability.

Hisense GHG Emissions Reduction Target

Hisense B2B

Hisense B2B

Develop a new B2B model aligned with sustainable development

The general trend is to focus on intelligent development and sustainable empowerment focused on people and applications. Hisense is dedicated to the development and production of advanced technologies, successfully expanded its footprint in the B2B section, focusing on Smart City intelligent solutions, medical display, etc.

Hisense Smart City intelligent solutions use the dual cloud brain “city cloud brain + Hisense cloud brain” as the core to carry out the construction of smart cities. It strives to reduce CO2 emissions by reducing traffic jams. This effort was the first step in the development and application of smart city technologies. So far, Hisense Smart City intelligent solutions have been successfully used in 169 cities. Hisense insists on expanding its B2B development and realizing its globalization strategy.

Take action on B2C to promote energy saving and emission reduction

Technology breakthrough brings high quality in products and technology development. Hisense home appliances insist on continuous attention to “Green Design, Green Procurement, Green Manufacturing, Green Logistics, Green Recycling”, helping to accelerate the green transformation of the home appliance industry.

In 2022, Hisense will continue to implement “green initiatives, create prospects”, including the substantial use of environmentally friendly materials, using solar energy as an alternative to traditional highly polluting coal energy, simplifying the production manufacturing process with Rapid Thermal Cycle Injection Technology, adding marking of single-use plastic products to increase the efficiency of using refrigerator parts, etc.

Green technology for sustainable development is the most important step in Hisense’s journey to promote social and economic development. Hisense is committed to advancing sustainability and creating a greener, more sustainable future. Hisense believes that sustainable development efforts will bring prosperity to families and companies.

* Data references for China Only



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