1. It’s a time of war, inflation… and a gold price of $1835?
  2. The United States of America is probably better called now, “The United Stakeholders of America”.
  3. “On the one hand, you punish right and left. On the other hand, you want countries to buy your treasuries and fund your debt. This is not a sustainable scenario. – Gal Luft, Institute for Global Security Analysis, March 21, 2022.
  4. Interference leads to conflict and pain for citizens. While the US government is nowhere near as draconian as the communist governments of Russia and China were decades ago… it is heading in that direction with significant speed.
  5. Fiat money is borrowed, printed and extorted from American taxpayers. It is used by the government to fund a deranged, “We determine what is best for others, and we call that freedom! » mantra. It’s not that “Americais evil. That’s the nature of… empire. All empires walk the same path, and it’s a path that begins with caution and ends with reckless horror.
  6. The end is happening with America now, and the end will be happening the same way with China, India and Africa… the empires that are rising with some caution now.
  7. Fiat kingpin Jay Powell has finally recognized the tidal wave of inflation ravaging the world.
  8. I argued that if this got out of control, a massive civil war in America could occur during this 2021-2025 war cycle.
  9. Double-click to enlarge this Nasdaq ETF two-hour chart. As awful as the bigger picture is for America, my short-term buy signal of 10,100 moving averages is in play, and it needs to be respected.
  10. These short-term signals have a winning track record for investors who use strong entry and exit tactics. For investors who believe in the long-term bullish picture for gold but want short-term action, my swing trade newsletter might be a good fit. I cover leveraged gold stocks such as GDXU, GDXD, SQQQ, TQQQ and TBT. At $99/month it’s a safe bet, and this week I have a special offer from $249 for four full months! Email me if you want the offer, and I’ll set you up quickly. Thank you.
  11. For an overview of the disturbing big picture of the stock market. The Fed is going hawkish… with the SP500 CAPE ratio in the overvalued stratosphere at 36. When the last wave of US stagflation began in 1966, the CAPE ratio was 24… and it was high!
  12. Most equity investors have turned to QE and zero interest rate welfare bums demanding endless fiat subsidies from the Fed and the government. This, while nearly 70% of the American population has no savings after paying their food and housing expenses.
  13. Most American stock investors today weren’t investing during the stock market gulag from 1966 to 1982, so they don’t believe such a gulag (or anything even worse) could ever happen again.
  14. When comparing the current US stock market (and all of America) to the 1966 period, there is one major problem, that is, in 1950-1966 the nation grew with low debt, a new birth boom, and a generally small government.
  15. Unfortunately, gold was not the national currency during this boom. It was banned and citizens were ordered to live a fiat-oriented life. In the short term, this life was good.
  16. In the longer term, this meant not only that the boom would die, but that the empire itself was in serious danger of turning into the hideous debt-and-interference-themed monstrosity that it has now become.
  17. The 2008-2021 theme for America is high debt, a booming population, creeping money printing, and “on top» interference.
  18. I dare suggest today that the best comparison of the US stock market to the past… is a hybrid of 1966 and 1929.
  19. Double-click to enlarge this long-term gold chart. It can be argued that global fund managers are trying to convince themselves that the “Better late than never“Yesterday’s speech is negative for gold and positive for the stock market, as it is seen as”take control of the situation”.
  20. This point of view works in the short term, but not in the medium term, let alone in the long term. A pullback towards the top of the $1835 triangle on the gold chart may or may not occur, but that would be technically normal, and it fits with Jay’s new warmongering.
  21. For an overview of the daily gold chart. Double click to enlarge. I sketched a “triple buy playfor gold market investors (for gold bullion, silver and mining stocks), with light longs at $1920 (done), larger longs at $1880 and much higher longs significant at $1835.
  22. Investors who did not sell between $2,000 and $2,080 should not buy, but rather wait for a price of $2,300 to $2,500. Sell ​​there and buy back in the $2,100-$2,000 area down from that higher price zone.
  23. Double-click to enlarge this spectacular XME chart. The war in Ukraine has brought base metal supply issues to the forefront of market action. XME ETF holdings include gold miners, but also base metals companies involved in nickel, copper etc.
  24. A bullish flag pattern is in play, with a gap-themed breakout yesterday. Base Edwards/Magee, the flag flies at “half-mast”. Depending on where the mast is from, the price target is at least $70 and probably $80. A week ago I posted a “hunt price now” (with careful sizing and buying tactics) call the miners, and today I’m ready… to do it again!

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