If President Joe Biden really wanted to stand up to Vladimir Putin, he would walk down to the Mexican border.

There he could face the Russians who are crossing illegally en masse, which is Russian for many.

There are more Russians violating the US southern border than there are Russians invading Ukraine. And there are more shots too.

In December, the U.S. Border Patrol fired on two vehicles carrying 18 illegal immigrants from Russia when one of the vehicles from Tijuana attempted to crash into the Port of Entry crossing in San Isidro, California.

No one was killed in the “use of force incident”, although two of the Russians suffered minor head injuries. They are fine now.

These Russians were among 4,103 illegal immigrants with Russian passports – known to us – who illegally entered the United States from Mexico in 2021.

And others are coming because Russia and the world know that the US southern border is wide open. All you have to do is introduce yourself.

The worst that can happen is you have three hots and a bed until the Biden administration can secretly fly you inland. Then you can collect welfare and vote.

Once the destination for immigrants primarily from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, the border has become international with immigrants from over 100 countries.

A fifth of the 1.7 million immigrants apprehended at the order of the South – or 378,000 people – in 2021 were from countries other than the three so-called Northern Triangle countries.

No one knows how many immigrants crossing over have not been apprehended or where they came from. And the Biden administration is still beckoning them.

While President Joe Biden has a problem with Russians crossing the border into Ukraine, he seems to be fine with Russians crossing the border into the United States.

Biden said he had “a sacred obligation” to send American troops to Europe to bolster NATO. But he has no obligation – sacred or otherwise – to send troops to the Mexican border to reinforce border patrol.

The difference is that while Russian leader Vladimir Putin threatens to invade Ukraine with some 130,000 troops, the Russians are already making inroads into the United States.

Biden talks about sending 8,500 American troops to neighboring NATO countries. Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

Neither does Mexico. So if Biden is reluctant to send US troops to defend the US southern border, maybe NATO could spare a battalion or two to do the job Biden refuses to do – and that’s protect the people. American.

Since some of the Russians crossing the southern border are legitimate asylum seekers, others could be KGB agents or terrorists seeking to destabilize an already divided country. The MS-13 aren’t the only bad guys crossing illegally.

Biden’s southern border policy can be summed up in two words: anything goes.

What’s wrong: Joe — like visiting that border.

While Biden as vice president has traveled to Ukraine, where he crushed an investigation into the financial activities of his son Hunter, he has never visited the US southern border, let alone provided support to the US Border Patrol.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas said Biden and Democrats “seem to care more about the Ukrainian border than our southern border at a time when 2 million illegal immigrants are crossing our border under Joe Biden’s tenure. I mean it’s like adding the entire population of Nebraska to this country.

We are, however, fortunate in Massachusetts to have two US senators, both Democrats, who have visited the border – Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren – if only for using their visits to attack Republican Donald Trump when he was president.

Both said they were appalled at the conditions they saw under Trump’s tough border policy. Warren claimed to have seen “babies in cages”, which turned out to be as true as his claims of Cherokee ancestry.

Markey said: ‘It was heartbreaking to see this pain and desperation unnecessarily created by Donald Trump’s policies.

Neither senator has been to the border since. They didn’t talk about it much either.

And that’s because Joe Biden’s open borders policy has been a resounding success.

If you don’t believe it, just ask the Russians.

Peter Lucas is a veteran journalist and political columnist from Massachusetts.