Anta Sports said its sales for the year ended Dec. 31 jumped 38.9% to RMB 49.32 billion ($7.74 billion).

Gross profit increased by 47.2% to RMB 30.40 billion, with a gross profit margin of 61.6%. Operating profit increased by 20.1% to RMB 10.99 billion, with an operating profit margin of 22.3%.

Breakdown by segment, during the fiscal year, Anta’s revenue soared 52.5% year-on-year to RMB 24.01 billion. Fila’s revenue increased 25.1% year-on-year to RMB 21.82 billion. Anta Sports has held the rights to the Fila brand in China, Hong Kong and Macao since 2009.

Revenue from Downhill and Kolon Sport businesses, as well as all other brands, increased 51.1% to RMB 3.49 billion.

AS Holding, the joint venture of Anta Sports which wholly owns the business of Amer Sports, saw revenue and operating profit from continuing operations in relation to the core brand business surpass levels of before the pandemic in 2019 and reach an all-time high. AS Holding’s EBITDA increased by 46.6% from RMB 1.62 billion to RMB 2.37 billion, while the loss share for the Group decreased significantly to RMB 81 million.

Net sales of AS Holding, which includes Salomon, Arc’teryx, Peak Performance, Atomic and Wilson, were RMB 19.7 billion in 2021 from RMB 16.7 billion in 2020, up 18, 1%. Anta said in his Annual Report“A strategic growth plan has been established by the consortium of investors for Amer Sports to unlock the full potential of its internationally renowned sportswear and equipment brand, and the Group is confident of Amer’s future success. Sports.”

On a consolidated basis, excluding the effect of joint venture loss share, Anta Sports’ profit attributable to shareholders jumped 35.4 percent to RMB 7.80 billion. On a consolidated basis, with the effect of the joint venture’s loss share, profit attributable to shareholders jumped 49.6% to RMB 7.72 billion.

Going forward, Anta plans to capitalize on favorable developments in China for the sportswear industry. Anta said, “Factors such as more personalized consumption habits and cultural self-confidence will continue to affect market composition across the industry, providing opportunities for Chinese domestic brands and, as a result, more niche brands should emerge.”

Anta launched a ten-year strategy, “Single Focus, Multi-Brand, Globalization” at the end of 2021. Anta said, “By meeting diverse consumer needs and achieving high-quality growth with an array of brands, we continue to focus on the sportswear industry and the creation of consumer value We are targeting globalization in terms of market position, brand portfolio, value chain composition and governance structure . »

For the Anta brand, a new five-year development strategy and a “Lead to Win” acceleration plan were put in place last year. Leveraging Anta’s existing strength in the domestic market, Anta will continue to sponsor kits for Chinese national teams, leverage global advanced sports R&D capability, target opportunities in Gen Z, and accelerate DTC transformation and digitization.

Anta plans to invest more in digitalization, focusing on upgrading its members, member services and the operation of different platforms, to improve online and offline retail performance and to diversify sales platforms. Anta said, “The digitization will help integrate the omnichannel inventory system, strengthen the replenishment model, strengthen the omnichannel integration of products, and improve product efficiency. The digital supply chain platform, digital logistics network of regional warehouses and cloud warehouses, and data interoperability across the entire value chain will also help the company increase the quantity and the efficiency of direct distribution in our stores and will enable our brands to grow and develop further. effective cost management and operational efficiency.

Anta also said it will “continue to promote sustainability” with a focus on four areas: consumers, partners, environment and community.

A representative of Anta Sports said in a statement: “Anta Group’s vision is to be the premier world-class multi-brand sportswear group. We will continue to set our “high level benchmark” and believe that with the right strategy, our goals can be achieved. By 2025, through the multi-brand strategy, Anta Group will strive to hold the leading market share in China, and by 2030, will strive to achieve global leadership. Regardless of how the external environment changes, our original intention will not change, we will continue to make every effort to produce quality apparel and footwear while integrating sportsmanship to go beyond ourselves in everyday life, and become the ‘world’s leading, multi-brand sportswear group.

Photo courtesy of Anta/Amer Sports

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