Each era produces a signature crime. If you were around during the days of Manifest Destiny, train theft was a reality and people like Butch Cassidy were folk legends. The ban resulted in smuggling and illegal bars. Nowadays, the rise of Amazon and other online shopping retailers has led to the annoying spread of parcel theft.

This is one of the reasons why more and more people are investing in home security systems and home security cameras. Most current security systems include digital cameras and smoke detectors and can be connected to your phone, so you can be alerted when things are wrong on your property while you are away. (This can also be a good way to keep an eye on your pets when you’re on vacation, if you want to install a camera inside your home.)

If you are looking to buy a security camera, keep a few things in mind. Taking steps to secure your home or small business is supposed to give you peace of mind. Do not leave him make you paranoid like you used to for some users. Making an effort to secure your home or business is worth it, but don’t use it as another reason to be addicted to constantly checking your phone.

Gabe Turner, Director of Content at Security.org, a website dedicated to reviewing smart home security devices, recommends that before setting up your new devices, you make sure “that all ground-level doors and windows are secured with entry sensors.” Ideally, the security system has a cellular backup so that it works even during a power outage, ”he says. “And with the mobile apps, you’ll be alerted if someone opens or closes your doors. These are the most important aspects of a security system, in my opinion. The rest, like security cameras, are certainly useful, but not strictly necessary. ”

As part of our continuing series of expert product recommendations, we’ve spoken to people in the security industry about the best systems and cameras to protect your home, and also got advice from business owners on which systems they trust.

Best Home Security Camera: Outdoor / Indoor, Updated October 2020

Logitech Circle 2: $ 92.95

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One of the great things about Logitech Circle 2 is that it connects to multiple security apps, so you don’t have to feel locked into a particular system or brand. Ludovic Rembert, security analyst and founder of Privacy Canada, recommends Logitech Circle 2 because “it’s completely wireless”, with “motion-triggered video recording.” These features alone are great and are not available on other cameras. Personally, this is the system I use at home and I feel very comfortable knowing that I have full control of my security system from my phone.

Blink XT2 Indoor / Outdoor Smart Security Camera: $ 74.99 (out of stock)

Courtesy of Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

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Jayant Gosain, is the founder and content creator of India based consumer tech website Technology boys, and he appreciates a good deal. “For a value-for-money security camera, I would highly recommend Amazon’s Blink XT2,” he says. “The camera records Full HD 1080p video that you can also stream live to your smartphone. Once logged in, you can view clips and live streams, all of which are important for your safety. Amazon also gives you unlimited free cloud storage. Powered by Alexa, you can also use voice commands to control the camera, just make sure you have an Alexa powered device with a screen like Echo show. “

Gosain adds that “For dark and low light conditions, Blink XT2 is equipped with HD infrared night vision which allows the camera to record video in the dark or in low light conditions. If the camera detects activity, the app will notify you instantly on your smartphone.

Google Nest Cam – Outdoor: $ 179.90

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The Nest Cam is useful, according to Gosain, “if someone is part of the Google ecosystem and is looking for security cameras powered by Google Assistant.” As a bonus, it offers several pricing options, depending on how seriously you want to take care of your home’s security.

Nest Cam plays video at up to 1800 pixels, which is high enough that “you can clearly see any car’s face or license plate at this resolution”, and for “rough conditions. night and dark, the Nest Cam is equipped with 8 built-in powerful infrared LEDs that can record almost anything in low-light conditions, ”and are also capable of capturing wide-angle shots.

In addition to a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication and the ability to recognize familiar faces, you have the option of storing your images, at an additional cost.

“With Nest’s free cloud storage, you can only store history for the last three hours. If you want a recording history of more than three hours, you need to subscribe to Nest Aware. For six dollars a month, you’ll be able to access video history of events for the past 30 days. Video event history means the video recording of events for which the camera has detected sound or movement. But he adds that “the video history of events does not include 24/7 video,” which literally means everything the camera captured, not just the notable movements. For 24/7 video history, there’s a Nest Aware Plus plan that gives you 60 days of event video and 10 days of 24/7 video history for $ 12 per month. . “

Best Home Security Camera: Indoor

Ring Indoor Cam, Compact Plug-In HD Security Camera: $ 59.99

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Ring is one of the biggest names in the trendy home security game, and the Ring Indoor Cam is designed to work with the company’s Ring – Always Home app, as well as video doorbells, says Security’s Turner .org. You can even pair multiple cameras together on the app, if you want.

“The camera features 1080p HD video display, infrared night vision, two-way audio, and integrations with Alexa and Google Assistant,” says Turner. “Plus, you can buy professional 24/7 surveillance for the camera for just $ 10 per month or $ 100 per year, which also includes 60 days of cloud storage and other premium features. “

Wyze Cam 1080p HD Wireless Indoor Smart Home Camera: $ 25.98

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If you’re not looking to spend too much money, Turner calls the Wyze Cam “one of the highest quality and cheapest cameras on the market.” It connects to the Wyze app, so you can stream live footage and receive notifications when the camera detects motion. “The camera films in 1080p HD with infrared night vision and two-way audio. This meant we could talk to the person the camera was on through the Wyze app. “

Stretch inside 2: $ 59.99

Trying to stay safe on a budget? Are you worried about getting upset about false alarms or your brother going by without warning? Turner says the Tend Indoor 2, which pairs with the TendApp, “is by far the cheapest camera we’ve seen that not only has people detection but facial recognition as well. This means that we were not only notified if the camera detected movement, but only people, which prevents false alarms. He adds that “with facial recognition we could name our friends and family, making notifications even more specific.” The camera also has 1080p HD video, infrared night vision, two-way audio, and a week of free cloud storage.

Best security camera system for a home or small business

Night Owl 5MP Extreme HD 8 Surveillance System: From $ 360

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Reuben Yonatan is the founder and CEO of GetVoIP, a New York-based digital phone service. “As a business owner in the tech industry, my recommendation is for small business owners who want an affordable yet comprehensive security camera system,” he says.

He likes the Night Owl 5MP Extreme HD 8 surveillance system, which he calls “ideal for outdoor and indoor use.” It has four wired cameras with an image resolution of 1080p. The cameras provide night vision that extends up to 100 feet. The system uses intelligent sensing technology that includes motion sensors and heat detection sensors.

As a bonus, Yonatan specifies that “we can monitor the cameras via a free mobile application provided by Night Owl. For storage, the cameras come with an eight-channel video recorder that can store up to 1 terabyte of footage.

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