Pirate Chain’s August 2022 monthly update reveals the whole truth about the characteristics a cryptocurrency aspiring to deliver financial freedom must have. Spoiler alert, it’s not Bitcoin.

In this scorching opinion piece, cryptocurrency king BTC takes on $ARRR. We know what you’re thinking. David versus Goliath, right? Well, yes, but not as you think.

Love it or hate it, if you are a Bitcoiner, this article can enlighten you. In this document, we analyze BTC with brutal honesty and without prejudice, only with facts. As expected, we also talk about $ARRR and why we believe in its superiority as the number one privacy-focused cryptocurrency in the world.

Not a bitcoin? Even better. If so, Pirate Chain’s Monthly Blog August 2022 can show you a compelling case of what to look for in a cryptocurrency that leads to financial freedom (yes, $ARRR).

So if you believe in privacy and (true) financial freedom, trust us, $ARRR IS THE WAY.

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Bitcoin Vs. Pirate Chain: The Ultimate Fight for Financial Freedom

About Pirate Channel

Pirate Chain is a digital currency built with a mission to protect financial privacy, and we would like to invite you to join us in our movement.

Pirate Chain is the first cryptocurrency to implement default private use of the industry’s most powerful and acclaimed privacy protocol, ZK-SNARK (Zero Knowledge-Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge). All $ARRR addresses are invisible to the public, as are all transactions. This information is only available to parties to the transaction who retain the authority to opt out of confidentiality by revealing the transaction ID as proof of transaction. Therefore, Pirate Chain is shaking up the privacy industry and returning the power of privacy to users by giving them the option to unsubscribe.

Every transaction is encrypted in Pirate Chain’s ever-growing anonymity set, notably the largest of its kind in the industry. The anonymity set can be followed live here, https://anonset.dexstats.info/. $ARRR is secured by dPoW (delayed proof of work), which indexes the Pirate blockchain on Litecoin and the Komodo blockchain, making it almost impossible to attack. $ARRR was launched in 2018 with no premine or flat fee.

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