Project BlackHat’s private digital currency will announce the launch of its mobile wallet later this week. It is worth noting that the developers decided not to push users to install additional apps, but used the already proven Telegram messaging platform for this purpose. The representative of the project expresses his gratitude to Pavel Durov and the members of the Telegram team for the stable and confident position regarding basic human rights, among which the confidentiality of payments.

Telegram bot @BlackHatWalletBot, once launched, will allow sending and receiving BLKC coins, both using the usual transparent and private layers of protection and also providing the functionality to track your transactions and balances. The developers promise that you will like its speed and that it will be easy to use not only the usual payment method by providing the wallet address by SMS, but also to send QR codes (via photo or transferred message ).

Remember that the BLKC is a private digital currency, secure and accessible to all. Using PoS consensus (both hot and cold) and zk-SNARK data protection protocol with transactions not found.

The first block rewards reduction from BLKC 20 to 16 took place on the BlackHat network on August 2, 2021. So, as part of the Project White Paper projections, the protocol is reducing rewards by 20% every 3 months and will continue until a minimum amount of BLKC 2 is reached in approximately three years.

About the BlackHat Coin project

The BlackHat Coin project is a self-funded, community-managed decentralized blockchain whose primary goal is privacy achieved by implementing the zk-SNARK Sapling protocol by Electric Coin Company. It was launched in April 2021 and has grown steadily since then.

BlackHat Coin’s monetary policy is designed to enable a sustainable infrastructure service capable of supporting a scalable, decentralized and resilient node infrastructure to facilitate transaction privacy and security.

According to the strategic product pipeline, the activities of Q1 and Q2 were completed on time. This means that the Project strictly follows its Road Map and sometimes gets ahead of schedule.