New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – March 4, 2022) – BOBATAMA announces the imminent launch of BOBAMASK Force Ghost technology using zk-SNARK technology and GHOST WALLET. The GHOST WALLET is a feature that can be turned on/off, giving users the choice to invest anonymously. There may be some transactions that the user wishes to keep private, and some not. Ghost Wallet takes this flexibility into account. BOBAMASK Force Ghost Technology will use zk-SNARK technology which stands for “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge”. Zk-SNARK is a zero-knowledge encryption protocol. The encryption protocol uses a secret key generation system. Only the user obtains the secret of a given deposit, which allows him to withdraw the corresponding funds from BOBAMASK under a new address.

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ZK-SNARK technology in the lead with first-ever multi-chain shadow wallet

This technology was created by the Zcash cryptocurrency team. They developed it to be a more anonymous cryptocurrency compared to existing ones. However, the above technology has never been integrated into a multi-chain wallet system. The team will use privacy-enhancing smart contract layers and integrate the zk-SNARK encryption protocol into the BOBAMASK multi-chain system. As cryptocurrency grows in popularity, privacy will become more important to users. So why not have this option to invest anonymously. Bobamask needs to make it an easier and more secure DeFi space. Users can have all investments in one place, but with complete privacy and invest anonymously.

About BOBATAMA Token

BOBATAMA is a variation of the existing meme pieces combined with the legendary character of Boba Fett. BOBATAMA is on the Ethereum network. Their smart contract combines their liquidity development protocol with a native token reflection distribution. The utility behind BOBATAMA is BOBAMASK, which will be the first-ever Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-enabled multi-chain wallet with Force Ghost technology (in development), enabling anonymous transactions on the blockchain.


12% purchase tax – 2% of purchase transactions will be redistributed to holders as reflections. 2% of each purchase transaction is converted into cash. This automatically contributes to creating a price floor (stability). 4% of the sales tax will fund the marketing portfolio to further market BOBATAMA and its utility BOBAMASK. 4% of the sales tax will fund the portfolio of operations to fund technical development/delivery of BOBAMASK products.

14% sales tax – 2% of sale transactions will be redistributed to holders as reflections. 3% of each sale transaction is converted into cash. This is automatic and helps create a price floor (stability). 4% of the sales tax will fund the marketing portfolio to further market BOBATAMA and its utility BOBAMASK. 5% of the sales tax will fund the operations portfolio to fund the technical development/delivery of the BOBAMASK product.

Usefulness of BOBAMASK

Holding Bobatama tokens gives holders special access/privileges to “FORCE GHOST TECHNOLOGY”.

EVM compatible multi-chain wallet + NFT storage

BOBAMASK will be developed on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), the software platform used to develop decentralized applications (DApps) on Ethereum. Bobamask will also be a multi-chain wallet combined with NFT storage, which will allow investors to track cross-chain investments on a single platform.

The ghost wallet

One of the hurdles cryptocurrency investors currently face is the lack of privacy. BOBAMASK will use the “Force Ghost” system, which is a privacy-enhancing smart contract technology to enable anonymous transactions. Invest privately and leave no trace like a ghost!

Investment Tracking + Investment Tracking Suite

BOBAMASK will also advance the multi-chain + NFT wallet storage utility with a DApp investment monitoring suite. This system will allow investors to use features such as a growth and decline tracker, a watchlist and an alert notification system to take full control of their investment tracking.

Mobile + Web3 compatibility

BOBAMASK will be both Web3 + Mobile compatible. The team’s mission with BOBAMASK is for the wallet to be a one-stop-shop for all users’ cross-chain investment needs. Relax a bit, set an alert to receive a notification on mobile or Web3.

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