TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Two Canadians have been arrested for Internet sex crimes against children after the work of a Wabaunsee County detective discovered a 2-year-old victim in Kansas and a 13-month-old victim in Nova Scotia.

Wabaunsee Co. Sheriff Rob Hoskins said in a Facebook post that he received a letter from Canadian authorities praising the hard work and dedication of Detective Eric Kirsch as he brought a child sexual predator to justice. .

The letter from the Hamilton Police Department in Ontario, Canada on April 14, 2021, stated that Detective Kirsch continued an investigation which began when the School Resources Officer, Deputy Angie King, informed the Sheriff’s Office of Wabaunsee Co. from a situation in the Mission Valley School District.

The Viceroy’s report stated that a student had been threatened by someone she had met via Snapchat. He said the suspect, who was unknown at the time, forced her to film sexually explicit videos of her 2-year-old niece whom she was forced to send to the suspect.

Detective Kirsch received the device the student used to speak with the suspect. He launched a ruse, an online undercover operation, which continued the conversation with the suspect. This was done to gather evidence of the offenses and help identify who the suspect was in order to hold him accountable for the crimes committed.

Through his efforts and relentless pursuit of the offender, the Hamilton Police Department said Detective Kirsch was able to identify the suspect as Joshua Bryk, 22, of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

With the evidence gathered, the Canadian Police Service said Kirsch contacted his internet child exploitation unit to establish a relationship with the investigative team and continue the evolving investigation. A partnership was established between Kirsch and Detective Constable Adam Baglieri to arrest, collect evidence and hold Bryk accountable for crimes he committed against children.

The letter said a forensic examination of the data and devices seized from Bryk revealed videos reported of the victim to Wabaunsee Co. Bryk had been arrested and charged with two counts of possession of child pornography and one count access to child pornography.

With Bryk in custody, Hamilton Police said Kirsch continued the investigation and was able to identify another potential victim, who he said lived in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada. Kirsch and Baglieri then informed the authorities of this Province.

In July 2021, the letter indicated that an arrest had been made in Nova Scotia and that a woman had been charged with producing child pornography, distributing child pornography, sexual assault and sexual interference for offenses which she had committed. ‘she had committed against her 13 month old son, all under the leadership Bryk.

As a result, the police department said Bryk was subsequently charged with two more counts of child pornography and two counts of organizing a sex offense against a child.

The letter said Kirsch’s work had directly saved two children from further sexual abuse by their caregivers and other sexual predators like Bryk.

The Hamilton Police Department said online sexual abuse and exploitation of children has increased dramatically in recent years due to the access and availability of technology around the world. He said these types of crimes are often borderless as the globalization of the internet allows suspects to speak up, prepare and offend children in any country.

The Police Department also said Bryk’s arrest was relatively quick compared to other similar crimes. While offenders can use technology to their advantage, he said police can use the same technology to their advantage as well.

“Detective Eric Kirsch has shown an exceptional commitment to his calling and his community through his diligent efforts and relentless pursuit of offenders,” said Deputy Chief Ryan Diodati of the Hamilton Police Department. “He was very complimentary to our service and staff, however, I cannot stress enough that his direct efforts alone led to the rescue of two known child victims and the arrest of a sexual predator who will henceforth be held responsible for the crimes he committed. engaged. “

Sheriff Hoskins said he and all residents of Wabaunsee Co. should be grateful for Kirsch’s hard work and dedication to the community.

A letter from the Hamilton Police Department says Detective Eric Kirsch’s work directly resulted in the arrest of two Canadians and the rescue of two children from sexual exploitation.(Wabaunsee County Sheriff’s Office)

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