Cardence is delighted to announce its future IDO – – which, among many features, offers fully anonymous transactions on the Cardano blockchain. is a fully decentralized protocol for private transactions on Cardano, which breaks the chain link between senders and receivers of native Cardano tokens on the blockchain. This gives complete privacy and security in a completely decentralized way. uses a Zero-Knowledge proof protocol known as zk-SNARK, developed by the good guys at Zcash, and first implemented by on Ethereum, to ensure secure anonymous transactions from Cardano assets on the blockchain.

It features a smart contract that accepts Cardano tokens and then allows anyone with proof of knowledge to withdraw those tokens through the use of crypto notes.

When a sender submits a transaction, they receive a keynote and a corresponding hash is received by the Smart contract. When a shooter provides the correct keynote, it is matched against the hash to generate the corresponding submitted tokens.

Protocol settings will be governed by the community. A trust installation ceremony for zk-SNARK will be organized with the participation of the community to further decentralize the protocol.

SpinADA is the latest offering from the revolutionary platform, which allows investors early access to invest in IDOs, before the public release. Cardence is a guaranteed allocation IDO platform for Cardano projects. A minimum of $ 4000 CRDN must be wagered to obtain an allowance for IDOs.

The IDO will go live on October 27, 1400 UTC and can be entered at

More information about SpinADA is available at or join group of telegrams.

About Cardence

Cardence is a Cardano-centric, multi-channel decentralized presale platform that creates a trustless fundraising ecosystem. It is currently running on BSC. It is the premier presale platform that facilitates affiliate marketing of projects, releasing tokens on an acquisition schedule, whitelisting attendees, and automatic cash lockout.

In addition, dApps like SmartMint or Locker App allow the creation of new tokens without writing code and time-locked token vaults for the release of tokens according to an acquisition schedule.

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