The U.S. labeling some Chinese companies and markets as so-called “notorious markets” in its recent report is neither responsible nor objective, the Commerce Department said on Friday.

China does not accept the report’s conclusion and firmly opposes the irresponsible action of the US side, an MOC spokesperson said.

The spokesperson made the remarks in response to a recent report released by the United States on “notorious markets” for counterfeiting and piracy, which identified certain Chinese companies and markets as “notorious markets”.

The report used ambiguous terms such as “allegedly” or “apparently” to describe the Chinese companies involved, the spokesperson said, noting that there is neither conclusive nor sufficient evidence.

China’s achievements in protecting intellectual property rights (IPRs) are obvious to all, the spokesperson said, adding that China has strengthened law enforcement to crack down on copyright infringement. and piracy in recent years to improve IPR protection.

The US side should fully and objectively reflect the efforts and progress made by the Chinese government and enterprises in protecting IPRs, and achieve a fair assessment to avoid undue negative impact on enterprises, the spokesperson said. word.

Piracy and counterfeiting were and still are problems in the US, the spokesperson said, adding that the US side frequently criticizes other countries but never brings up its own issues in this regard.

“Such double standards are unfortunate,” the spokesperson said.

With the rapid development of economic globalization and the Internet and other new technologies, the fight against counterfeiting and IPR infringement requires the cooperation of all countries, the spokesperson said.

China stands ready to strengthen cooperation with other countries on IPR protection and create a level playing field for global businesses, the spokesperson added.