Four local governments in the center of the country – Daejeon, Sejong and the North and South Chungcheong provinces – are gaining ground in their bid to host the 2027 Summer Universiade, with universities pledging to provide support.

On Friday, the joint organization of local governments – Chungcheong Megacity Bid Committee – and the Presidential Association of National Universities and Junior Public Colleges discussed ways to cooperate in hopes of winning the 2027 FISU World University Games.

The presidential association includes the deans of Chungnam State University, Chungbuk Provincial University, and Korea National Welfare University.

The deans said that if the Chungcheong region can host the World University Games, where Korean student-athletes typically rank among the top, the country’s college sports could benefit.

“We can take a step closer to hosting the games if universities, a mainstay of the Universade, show their support,” CMBC Secretary General Kim Yoon-suk said.

On September 29, 17 universities in North Chungcheong Province, including Cheongju University and Konkuk University Glocal Campus, also joined together to bring CMBC’s efforts to host the world’s first sporting event of the region.

“The Chungcheong region is the educational center of Korea where there are 70 universities. By hosting the 2027 World University Games, it will become a new global network hub for sharing diverse cultural and sporting experiences for young adults around the world, ”said Chae Hun-gwan, president of U1 University.

The government of North Chungcheong Province has taken a step further by stepping up the pace to promote CMBC’s efforts to host the 2027 World University Games, by launching a provincial committee that can help the movement.

The committee, which is made up of around 100 people from state institutions, the sports sector, universities and residents, is expected to carry out various promotional activities such as participation in events and social media campaigns to increase the level of interest and awareness for the CMBC bid to host the 2027 World University Games.

“While the FISU field evaluators have emphasized the interest and support of the residents of the province for the organization (the World University Games) when they evaluate and select the host city, we have decided to launch the provincial committee to bring together the hearts of the people of North Chungcheong Province who hope to host (from the 2027 Summer Universiade), ”Governor Lee Si-jong of North Chungcheong Province said at the launching ceremony of the committee in the provincial hall on October 20.

“Today will be the catalyst, and from then on we expect to see the atmosphere across Korea take root for the Chungcheong region’s hosting of the World University Summer Games.”

When the International University Sports Federation (FISU) opened the bid process for the 2027 University Games on September 1, the CMBC submitted a letter of intent to host the 2027 Games to FISU after being approved by the Korean Olympic and Sports Committee, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The competition for the 2027 World University Games is a US proposal to host the world sporting event in the Triangle region of North Carolina.

FISU is accepting applicants until January and will announce its initial selection of potential host cities. After FISU performs on-site assessments and reviews more documents, the final host of the 2027 Summer Universiade will be revealed on January 10, 2023.

By Kan Hyeong-woo ([email protected])

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