The All of Us Are Dead Zombie Virus appears to be turning some Infected into what are called Halfbies – here are all the dead characters who could return as Halfbies.

Warning! SPOILERS for we are all dead.

we are all dead season 2 could see various »dead” characters returning as halfbies. Also known as zombie hybrids or asymptomatic zombies, halfbies are infected people who develop special abilities instead of turning into mindless zombies. Similar to Zack Snyder’s alphas army of the dead, halfbies could be the next step in human evolution. While it’s unclear what causes the Jonas Virus to create halfbies instead of full zombies, a bite of a halfbie seems to do the trick.

There is one confirmed incident in we are all dead season 1 of a bite from a halfbie turning an infected person into another halfbie. After being bitten by the halfbie and high school bully Hyosan Gwi-nam, Class 2-5 President Nam-ra begins to show signs of becoming a halfbie. This includes getting bitten but still having full control of one’s mental faculties, heightened senses, supernatural strength and stamina, and only temporarily acting like a full zombie. Besides Gwi-nam and Nam-ra, bullied college student Min Eun-ji has also turned into a demi-doe – carrying the total confirmed number of people infected with this rare version of we are all deadthreesome zombie virus.


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we are all dead season 2 is bound to introduce a lot more halfbies to the main cast. In reality, we are all deadLee Jae-kyoo’s director has already revealed that many elements of the series were intentionally produced with an extra season in mind, and the next season will include “the introduction of new zombie races – immune and immortal.” According to Jae-kyoo, “next season may be about zombie survival.” Of the various cast members who died, here are the ones who could potentially return as halfbies in we are all dead season 2.

We’re All Dead Season 1 protagonist Lee Cheong-san

We're All Dead: Cheong-san looks out the window

Most likely “deadThe main actor to return as a halfbie is Class 2-5 student Lee Cheong-san. This means that the love triangle between Cheong-san, On-jo and Su-hyeok may not be over yet. The reason Cheong-san might come back is because he was bitten by the halfbie Gwi-nam. Also, during the bombing of Hyosan High School, Cheong-san’s body was shielded from the impact of the bombs by Gwi-nam’s body. In fact, this scene specifically shows Gwi-nam’s body burning – but not Cheong-san. When Nam-ra feels nothing when some students return to the bombing site to search for survivors, it could be because Cheong-san was buried under ash and rubble. Although the blast could have maimed Cheong-san’s body, Gwi-nam’s bite could have ironically saved Cheong-san from death.

Hyosan High School Class 2-5 Bully Lee Na-yeon

Na-yeon in We're All Dead

Lee Na-yeon was a privileged student in class 2-5 who looked down on poor students, whom she called “welcome,” a pejorative term for children on welfare. In we are all dead, Na-yeon represents an aspect of bullying based on social class. That’s why one of the most satisfying deaths in we are all dead This is when Na-yeon was shown getting bombarded with the rest of the zombie horde at Hyosan High. Although this suggests that Na-yeon is truly dead, he was also bitten by the halfbie Gwi-nam. It’s possible that the halfbie version of the virus showed up late in Na-yeon, which could have saved her from the bombs as well.

Hyosan High archery team member Jung Min-Jae


Jung Min-jae, along with Jang Ha-ri, are senior students who are also members of Hyosan High School’s archery team. Using their skills with the bow and arrow, Min-jae and Ha-ri fight through the horde of zombies in search of Ha-ri’s younger brother. Unfortunately, only Ha-ri makes it to the end of we are all dead, as Min-jae ends up being bitten by Gwi-nam. Min-jae might even be one of the half-man Nam-ra greeted in the final scene of the finale.

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Hyosan High School Student Kim Chul-soo Bullied


Along with halfbie Min Eun-ji, Kim Chul-soo was a college student who was regularly bullied by Myung-hwan and Gwi-nam’s crew. After Chul-soo and Eun-ji are separately rescued by the military in Hyosan, they reunite at a quarantine camp where survivors are held. There, Eun-ji bites and kills Chul-soo for his cowardly behavior in the past. Although this lands Eun-ji in military custody, it is unknown what happens to Chul-soo’s body. Considering Chul-soo suffered half a bite, it’s possible the military also kept him in a lab for experiments.

We’re All Dead Zombie Virus creator Lee Byeong-chan

The Jonas virus was created by Hyosan High teacher and scientist Lee Byeong-chan. Although Byeong-chan dies quite early, he continues to appear throughout we are all dead through the videos he made to document the evolution of the Jonas Virus. Byeong-chan died when he was bitten by ordinary zombies at the police station where he was being held, during which Byeong-chan sacrificed his life to save police officers. Byeong-chan was not bitten by a halfbie but by a full zombie. That being said, the same goes for two of the three known running backs in we are all dead. If the virus that Byeong-chan himself engineered turns him into a super-powerful half-jewel that can’t die, that would make the memory of Byeong-chan’s son, Lee Jin-su, the first full zombie, that much more. painful.

We all died from Zero Lee Jin-su zombie virus

Lee Jin-su was the first person his father Byeong-chan infected with the Jonas virus. This is what makes Jin-su the most important supporting character in the cast of we are all dead. The last time we see Jin-su is when government agents find Jin-su chained up inside Byeong-chan’s house, due to his father not having the courage to kill his failed experiments. This means Jin-su could still be alive and in military custody. Bringing back patient zero Jin-su as a halfbie could help we are all dead season 2 to continue exploring the evolution of the Jonas virus, as Jin-su is the host in which the virus has had the longest time to evolve and grow.

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