Long-awaited addition to the DeFi Railgun space which will release its “RAIL” token on June 30the. Railgun is a revolutionary smart contract system that gives zk-snark the privacy of any smart contract transaction or interaction on Ethereum, making its users untraceable when trading, using leveraged platforms or adding liquidity, with any dApp on ETH. Users will claim their share of the RAIL on Uniswap after reading the exclusive details below that the Railgun team shared with us:

What is Railgun and how is it special?

Railgun is light years away from previous privacy protocols. The solutions in place have failed to achieve the flexibility, security and privacy guaranteed by Railgun. Mixers are sorely lacking in functionality and convenience. They do not allow protected internal transfers, cannot interact with smart contracts, and users have to operate in fixed denominations, which means that users cannot perform efficient transactions using their protocol, with a any ease or efficiency. With Railgun, your on-chain activity will no longer be available to the whole world. Railgun users will be able to:

  • Easily interact privately and anonymously with existing liquidity on current dApps and DEXs
  • Do darkpool style trading where no one can copy their strategies
  • Enter new investments without alerting those who follow their portfolio
  • Build a protected balance without strangers knowing the specifics of their diamond handbags
  • Receive donations without outsiders being able to see the donation history
  • Prevent snooping and the collection of data on their trading habits
  • Don’t be targeted by advertisers or scammers based on your DeFi habits

Why RAIL Token?

The DeFi space is being revolutionized with Railgun and the RAIL token will also be a flagship on June 30e. Railgun’s economic policy will be controlled by those who interact and directly contribute to the Railgun system. Fees will be coded into each transaction and a fee reward system will be voted on by RAIL token holders. This gives RAIL token holders passive income through the distribution of fees generated by users paying for private trading. RAIL token holders will also be able to vote to have their favorite coins whitelisted for use in Railgun. The token has a fixed supply, can never be diluted, and has been audited by a third party.

Railgun’s breakthroughs in the DeFi space cannot be overstated. Privacy is a human right, and Railgun’s must-have solution for privacy and anonymity for Stablos and Defi without sacrificing Ethereum security or existing liquidity on current dApps and DEXs is HUGE.

Needless to say, we look forward to the release of Railgun and its RAIL token on June 30. Follow Railgun on Twitter for the Uniswap link and to receive the latest updates.

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