GameStop (GME) seems to have abandoned plans to use snark-based Loopring and instead opts for starks over ImmutableX.

“The ImmutableX L2 protocol will power GameStop’s upcoming NFT marketplace with security, speed, 100% carbon neutrality, and zero gas costs,” ImmutableX said publicly before adding:

“Our integration will allow current and future NFT projects and economies to access more cash and game content with mainstream users.”

Much of the rest now appears to be in development as no further details have been provided regarding the game or digital NFT project GameStop is currently working on.

However, they announced a $100 million grant to fund game developers, one of the largest of its kind.

Prospective developers can now apply for the grant that “allows creators to take advantage of all the benefits that leading L2 Ethereum brings to ImmutableX,” the startup said.

Making GameStop one of the biggest backers of NFTs, in addition to Ubisoft sticking to its adoption of NFTs, with Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovations Lab VP Nicolas Pouard saying :

“Endgame is all about giving players the option to resell their items once they’re done with them or they’re done playing the game itself. So it’s really, for them. C is really beneficial. But they don’t understand at the moment.

GameStop originally planned to use Loopring, which also does NFTs, but ImmutableX specializes in NFTs and uses a zk technology called starks that doesn’t require what’s called an initiation ceremony to launch the second layer , unlike snarks.

This compression layer is already active on Ethereum with one of the first blockchain games, Gods Unchained, using it.

Which puts GameStop on a stronger technological footing for its NFT plans as ImmutableX has almost no fees when running on the public Ethereum blockchain.