Since the implementation of globalization, AOFEX has established branches in Canada and Japan and has achieved outstanding excellent results in the local and surrounding regions, thus creating a multi-regional crypto market system including Western Europe. , North America, East Asia as well as the head office in the United States. Kingdom. On October 14, 2021, AOFEX officially launches its branch in India to develop the South Asian market and accelerate its globalization.

To celebrate the establishment of the Indian branch and to express our gratitude to our users, AOFEX is offering 200,000 USDT. (For more details, please scroll to the end.)

Develop businesses according to local demands

Engaged in finance and technology for many years, AOFEX’s core staff have provided technology and business advisory services to a large number of financial institutions, developed good relationships with many financial institutions, and accumulated a rich experience in risk control and management. AOFEX introduced the traditional state-of-the-art financial risk control system for banks and securities, adopted underlying security technologies, implemented an internal monitoring and warning system, as well as a back-up mechanism risk to provide a more secure cryptocurrency trading environment. .

To put into practice the mission of “including more people in digital finance” and providing secure, efficient and cutting-edge digital asset services to users around the world, AOFEX begins to implement its global strategic plan in 2021 The new branches attracted over 200,000 local users in one month. AOFEX is providing round-the-clock service to over 1.80 million users in a satisfactory manner. Such good news is also shared by many famous blockchain media like Coindesk and Coinspeaker. The safety, depth of trading and financial derivatives of AOFEX have been widely recognized.

The establishment of the Indian branch indicates that AOFEX will focus on the Indian market, fully develop the business and expand its digital finance services to South Asia. AOFEX goes further in its mission to “be the most influential digital financial platform to provide services to 10 million institutional investors and qualified investors”. Next AOFEX will continue its globalization, to develop and provide quality digital financial services.

Expansion on a healthy path based on local conditions in India

When it comes to crypto policies, government regulations are unclear and specific laws are yet to be published. We expect to see a booming crypto future. The report of the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), the most influential organization in the IT and software industry in India, shows that in India the industry of crypto will be worth $ 241 million from 2030 and reach around $ 2.3 billion. the world in 2026. The report also states that crypto technology users are spread across nearly 60% of regions in India and there are over 15 million retail investors.

Now India is fertile ground for the development of AOFEX, local investors and the crypto market. AOFEX will promptly investigate user demands, establish a local digital asset service system, initiate various cooperation with KOLs, communities and media, and provide users with secure and leading digital asset service with a professional, scientific and efficient investment in digital assets. .

Mutual reinforcement between the brand ecosystem and the TO

As AOFEX expands its business globally, building the AOFEX ecosystem and improving the OT of platform tokens is helping a lot. Since the launch of branches in Canada and Japan, the price of AOFEX OT platform part has been steadily increasing, increasing by 48.5%, and now stands at $ 6.2557. OT is a “resilient token” recognized by its users even in the bear market. Likewise, fueled by the OT mechanism and the stable increase in OT prices, the AOFEX ecosystem will maintain sustainable development, to promote development and create an enabling environment.

Growing Companies —— OT is a digital asset on ERC20 issued by AOFEX. OT’s application scenarios cover all products and rights and interests on the platform including, but not limited to, deducting fees, obtaining airdrop rewards, preferential purchase of hot savings products, bonus discount, positions and mining, AP integration center, etc. As AOFEX grows, its OT activities expand to enhance the AOFEX ecosystem.

Well-executed deflation mechanism —— To increase the ecological value of the OT, the platform will establish a strong deflation mechanism and adopt the combustion mode before the exit, where the amount of combustion is equal to ≧ the amount of output . After the launch of OT, the secondary market broadcast volume does not exceed 20% (20 million) of the total amount, until the total amount reaches 20 million. The AOFEX exchange uses 20% of the profits from the transaction fees per month to redeem the OT in the secondary markets and burn it. In addition, OT is burned with the launch of new projects. Through buy-and-register engraving, the total amount of OT is reduced to improve its rarity, provide stable needs and speed up the burn schedule, build a complete token-saving system, and enable the OT ecosystem and AOFEX to appreciate greatly. So far, AOFEX has destroyed 9,129,842 OT in total.

Various Features —— OT is now used for voting, paying, blocking or holding positions. TO holders can benefit from the corresponding rights and advantages and are supported by the value of the AOFEX platform. At the same time, due to inelastic demand from project parties and feedback, the outstanding amount of OT will be reduced to create a good long-term and stable situation. With the global strategic plan, the AOFEX ecosystem scenarios are gradually implemented and the OT will be adopted in all scenarios to empower the ecosystem and create values.

Development with our users

AOFEX continues to review and improve itself and is recognized as the most preferred trading platform for users. AOFEX clearly knows that its development is closely linked to users. To express our gratitude to our users, AOFEX is giving away 200,000 USDT at the launch of its new branch, to mark this new milestone. For more details, see the official announcement.

Activity 1: Take tasks to share USDT

Participants: All users registered on AOFEX

Time: 5:00 p.m., October 15, 2021 – 5:00 p.m., October 22, 2021 (GMT + 8)


Rules: During activity, users can click the link to access the Telegram bot through our ad or other social media platforms and complete the first 3 tasks sent by the bot to get 2 USDT, with 100,000 USDT at total. Complete additional tasks and invite friends to complete tasks to share 100,000 USDT. 200,000 USDT will be distributed in total. The rewards are directly proportional to the referrals.

Activity 2: 0 fees for new users

Participants: All users registered on AOFEX

Time: 5:00 p.m., October 15, 2021 – 5:00 p.m., October 18, 2021 (GMT + 8)

Rules: During the activity, new users who perform cash transactions can take advantage of 0 transaction fees. (Note: Transaction fees will be paid first and refunded in USDT after the activity ends.)

Thank you for your long-term support and trust! Then, AOFEX will gradually complement local development strategies in India and insist on providing users with the fastest, safest and most professional digital financial services. Meanwhile, AOFEX will establish more branches around the world, develop personalized services based on local user behaviors, and include more ordinary people in digital finance.

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