Two Hempfield sisters have reached the # 1 rank of Girl Scouts over the past year, investing many hours to help improve the community.

Jocelyn Schwab, 18, and her sister, Ariana, 17, won the Gold Award – Jocelyn last year and Ariana this summer.

Jocelyn, a freshman studying Culinary Arts at Westmoreland County Community College, had her Gold Star ceremony virtually last year due to covid restrictions, but Ariana will have her ceremony there. next year, said their mother Tanya Schwab.

The Gold Award can be won by high school girls who create lasting change on a community or global issue. The Gold Award Girl Scouts tackle the root cause of a problem, plan and implement innovative solutions to drive change and lead a team of people to success, according to the Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania.

Unlike the Boy Scout’s Eagle Scout project, where the Eagle Scout rank-seeking member works on the project and oversees other troop members in the activity, Tanya Schwab, the girls’ mother, said the Girl Scouts are working on their Gold Award project with other community members.

For her Gold Award project, Ariana created three different shadowbox screens, spending over 80 hours to create lasting impact.

To educate her community on women’s rights and equality in the workplace, Ariana produced a timeline of the history of women in technology with an exhibit at Triangle Tech in Greensburg. She said she wanted to focus “on companies that bridge the gender gap”.

“I chose women who made an impact in technology,” Ariana said.

Having a love of dance, she detailed the stories of seven women in the theater in a second shadow box on display at Megan’s Suite at the Palace Theater in Greensburg.

Ariana, who has been scouting for 12 years, said she loves camping at Camp Skymeadow in Kiski Township, Armstrong County, so it was appropriate to place her third shadowbox at the camp’s Evergreen Lodge.

“I started with Juliette Gordeon Low (Founder of the Girl Scouts of USA) on the Girl Scouts story, and had parts about the uniform, the cookie sales and the Gold Award story,” which was at one time called the Golden Eagle, Ariana mentioned.

Jocelyn carried out her Gold Star project in a pavilion at the Elizabeth Township Community Center along Duncan Road. The community center is located in the former Girl Scout Camp Youghahela, which the township bought in 2014. She removed most of the graffiti in one pavilion, painted a mural in the pavilion, cleaned and repainted the railings and repainted the tables in picnic. She also bought another picnic table to make seating larger.

“I chose this project because I wanted to keep a camp up to date for future Girl Scouts. I grew up camping with my troop and wanted other girls to have some of the experiences I had growing up and going to camp. These memories will stay with me forever, ”said Jocelyn.