Age of Empires 4 is out now, and we firmly believe this is another fantastic installment in the long-running real-time strategy franchise.

A major aspect of the gameplay that takes place throughout each game is the gathering of resources. In AoE 4, gold is by far the most valuable of the lot, but it can be difficult to build a decent supply.

If you find yourself in trouble, we have some tips to help you stay on the hunt for gold so you can keep building your armies and working towards victory!

How to mine gold in Age of Empires

To mine for gold in Age of Empires, you must first find a golden rock on the map. Typically, there’s one that’s fairly close to where you start each game, but they can be more difficult to locate if you’re playing on a higher difficulty.

Once you follow a golden rock down, you can assign your villagers to mine for gold. It is good practice to build a mining camp next door first. This ensures that your villagers don’t have to walk too far to deposit the gold!

You can also upgrade the mine to increase the speed up the speed of your villagers. Each gold rock has a finite amount of resources inside, just like regular trees and rocks. The more villagers you assign to a gold rock, the faster you will burn the resource.

Trade for gold with allies!

The other way to get gold in Age of Empires 4 is to trade it. This can be done once you can create a market. This is unlocked during feudal times.

Neutral counters are scattered around each card (seen in the center)

Once one is built, you can exchange resources that you have in large numbers for another. This means that if you have an excess of stone, you can exchange it for gold (at a weighted exchange rate). You can also establish trade routes with allies to exchange resources.

If you’re in a match with no allies, you can find neutral trading counters to use instead. These are placed randomly on the map and can be spotted early on.