India to adopt BitcoinZ as legal tender?

Several merchants accept BitcoinZ in India

Several merchants accept BitcoinZ in India

Indian developers partner with BitcoinZ

Indian Developers Celebrate 4 Years Of BitcoinZ With BitcoinZ Birthday Cake

India’s investments in BitcoinZ (BTCZ) are circulating strong and hard! Several Indian developer teams have joined the BitcoinZ project with great aspirations!

We grow and improvise our knowledge, Make our dreams come true thanks to BTCZ. We are going to make a great technical contribution, we have a huge army of motivated technicians … “

– Keshava Moorthy C, mentor, senior vice president of IT division @ Vibhaa Technologies

PUTTUR, KARNATAKA, INDIA, September 16, 2021 / – India’s investments in BitcoinZ (BTCZ) are pouring in hard and hard! Several Indian developer teams have joined the BitcoinZ project with great aspirations! These developers are building a vast network and infrastructure in India with huge community support.

So far, many Indian companies have started accepting BitcoinZ as a payment method. There are also significant capital investments as some whales take positions in the BitcoinZ crypto as well as the buying and trading community.

India was particularly drawn to the BitcoinZ project for a number of reasons:

1) Fair Start – no premine, no ICO, no developer fees
2) Safety – POW and ASIC resistant
3) Confidentiality – created under zkSNARKs technology
4) 100% community oriented
5) 100% Decentralized
6) Faster blocking time for a faster network
7) A strong and rapidly growing community
…… and much more LEARN WHY

Interested in joining the BitcoinZ developer team? Join DISCORD today!

The Community in India has really taken off! The BitcoinZ team traveled there across the country to hold live seminars on BitcoinZ and get everyone involved. The team in India has also been working hard to get businesses to start accepting BitcoinZ as a payment method and so far this movement is growing Fast and Furious! Many organizations and businesses in India are now accepting BitcoinZ as a payment method and more and more members are joining every day! This force in India is taking the BitcoinZ project to new levels and mass adoption is starting across the country.

Want to help Project India with mass adoption? Please donate to the BitcoinZ India team via #BTCZ at this address: t1SZLneSdzZUwJw8aTumjxUWwn5TZ6NdEU3

BitcoinZ has many great projects in the works which are expected to be released in the near future. With all these additional developers joining forces, projects will be completed sooner and additional projects can be launched. We are very happy to see new developments and goals as they emerge!

BitcoinZ is a 4 year old Crypto project that is community driven, with no PreMine, no ICO, and no developer fees! According to some rumors, BitcoinZ was created by the famous zkSNARK (although no one really knows who created BitcoinZ, which adds to the mystery), this crypto project has a mysterious history and a bright future. The zkSNARKs wanted to create a “gift for the world” by solving the problems associated with Bitcoin while adding privacy and security. They created the $ 21 billion offer with a specific goal of hitting a price tag of $ 1 and getting everyone to own at least one coin.

BitcoinZ hit an all-time high on January 9, 2018 of $ 0.033584, which is 6,850% more than the price at the time of writing !!! There is a great calculator online here: BTCZ-Calculator to calculate your potential returns!

October 10, 2021 is a day to mark in your calendar! This day will be the first halving for BitcoinZ and historically, shortly after the halving, the price of a crypto asset increases. 🚀 This has happened in all cases with Bitcoin and we believe the same will happen with BitcoinZ. By halving the supply of coins on the market, the supply drops dramatically and the law of supply and demand comes into play … usually producing higher values! Will BitcoinZ Halving Return Price To All-Time High? Or maybe even higher? We believe that we will see new historical records in the near future.

Also, many crypto projects are considering moving to the point of sale, as these coins can no longer be mined, crypto miners will be looking for alternative coins like BitcoinZ to mine. Historically, more miners increase difficulty, higher difficulty increases the price of crypto assets. ⛏️ We believe that in the very near future more miners will start mining BitcoinZ which will cause the price to go up!

BitcoinZ’s core developer team is strong and growing. They’ve been quietly building on their Blockchain for 4 years and it’s only a matter of time before people start to notice it. Most of the main developers have been involved in the project from the start and have deep knowledge of zkSNARK technology and are determined to change the world.

Currently under Radar, BitcoinZ is a project you won’t want to miss, this is your opportunity to get involved in a project that has 4 years of infrastructure built but is trading at a seed value!

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