Jason Derulo knows how to sell.

Heading into 2020, the 31-year-old musician was making headlines for a photo of underwear so scorching it Instagram deleted it, and for her appearance in the musical disaster movie “Cats” (do you mind? remember?), in which he played Rum Tum Tugger.

Today, Derulo is more popular than ever. Multicut continues to branch out into music and has immersed itself in some of the most beloved hobbies of 2020: alcohol and TikTok.

“I always try to surpass myself, and how can I continue to improve? How can I learn from each situation? Said Derulo.

After being a longtime fan of the Bedlam vodka brand, Derulo made it official this winter by forging a formal partnership with the company.

“Everything I do always comes from being a fan at the beginning,” he says over the phone. He’s in his house in LA, which has been completely decorated for the holidays: puffy Santa, snowman and reindeer, reindeer on the roof of the house, snowmobiles, “all the lights you can imagine”, lots of Christmas trees.

“It’s like Santa’s enchanted forest over there,” he says (and yes, he’s planning a TikTok performance there).

The Bedlam relationship began after the brand sent in bottles for one of its videos years ago.

“After they were in the video, I kept asking for bottles, because I liked vodka so much, so I was trying to fill my bar with them,” he says. “It was just organic growth; it wasn’t forced by either side, it really just happened. I really try to lead by being a fan of a product first, and then that’s where I got it from.

His favorite vodka memory, which involved his favorite way of drinking alcohol, in vodka soda, was that last Thanksgiving at his home in LA.

“It was my first Thanksgiving without my parents, but we made it. Jena [Frumes, his girlfriend] cooked a ton. I cooked a little. It was a moment of pride, ”he says. “I played pranks – that was it.”

Elsewhere in quarantine, Derulo, who has 41.5 million subscribers on TikTok and 7.5 million on Instagram, has started baking – all for taste, of course.

“Making desserts is a new skill for me,” he says. “I always make those ‘milli-meals’ on TikTok: every time I reach a new million subscribers, I make what’s called a’ milli-meal.” Basically, this is a really weird dessert. I made fried pancake tacos with ice cream in the middle, made a cotton candy sandwich, all kinds of things like that.

He favors “creative” videos on TikTok, and likes trends like the “Wipe it down” challenge and, of course, the “Savage Love” challenge, with his own song.

“It was pretty awesome for me,” he says.

Next year, Derulo is banking on return on investment.

“In 2020, there were a lot of plantings,” he says. “TikTok being a major element of 2020; collecting 41 million subscribers on this app just changed things a bit. I started a comic on TikTok – I featured this character and it just blew up, so I decided to do a comic. I’m working with the Marvel publisher on this comic, and it’s coming out very soon. Bedlam, of course. I just released another song called ‘Love Not War’ internationally. It’s not in America yet, but it will likely arrive in America later this month. Yeah, so there’s a bunch of stuff going on – 2021, I’m just hoping to see those seeds come to fruition. “

For its constantly growing investment portfolio, Derulo takes it “one day at a time”. In addition to vodka, he has invested in Catch LA club / restaurant, as well as Rumble boxing.

“Yeah, I’m just going with the flow,” he said.

So, does Derulo see a less musical and more commercial future?

“No. I mean, my new song ‘Take You Dancing’ just hit the top 20 in America on radio. Yeah, so I’m still that guy,” Derulo says. “I mean, my Spotify is still in the world top 10. I’m still the guy.