Today in the village of Urugwiro, President Paul Kagame yesterday awarded the Secretary General of the International Union of Communication (ITU) Houlin Zhao the National Order of Honor of Agaciro.

According to Urugwiro Village, the award is recognition of Zhao’s “distinguished service as the leader of ITU during a very important period for the globalization of telecommunications technology.”

Houlin Zhao was re-elected ITU Secretary-General at the 20e Plenipotentiary Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in November 2018. ​

He is an information and communication technology (ICT) engineer who has held various management positions at ITU. He began his second and final four-year term on January 1, 2019.

In his capacity, Zhao spearheaded the introduction of new efficiency measures to improve ITU’s standards development environment by fostering even closer cooperation with industry members, while strengthening the promotion of ITU’s leadership in the development of global ICT standards.

Rwanda seeks to make ICT the backbone of its economy and President Kagame is spearheading significant efforts that would lead the country to this achievement, but he is also leading the global effort to make ICT, Internet, a tool for everyone.

The President, as Co-Chair of the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, believes:

“Broadband’s transformational impact on people’s lives and global economies is no longer debatable; the remaining challenge is to extend these obvious benefits to the majority of the world’s citizens and enable them to unleash their creative potential to integrate fully into the information-driven global economy. This will require new frameworks for global cooperation in investment, research and technology. The Broadband Commission for Digital Development will work to realize this potential.

Rwanda has been a member of the ITU since December 12, 1962.

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