Written by Isabelle Hendrich, editor-in-chief

DAYTON, Tenn. – Kylie Murphy is a junior education student at Bryan College. At the start of this semester, Murphy became Huston’s third-floor resident assistant and is on the Bryan College women’s soccer team.

Murphy first dedicated her life to Christ when she was young in a religious camp. Being engaged in football at a very young age, Murphy and his family did not attend church regularly.

“Football prevented going to church because we would have tournaments every weekend on Sunday. I grew up in a religious house, but we didn’t go there every Wednesday and Sunday, ”Murphy said.

When she was in her sophomore year in high school, the mother of a friend from her soccer team invited Murphy to a ski retreat for a group of young people. Murphy initially hesitated to go.

“I always felt like I didn’t know enough to go to church because I felt inferior to people.” Kylie said. She goes on to express her concerns that she “would feel uncomfortable most of the time because they were talking about things I didn’t know.”

Persuaded by her friend’s mother, Murphy decided to participate in the youth group’s ski weekend. During this time, she realized that she needed to dedicate her life to Christ again. After retirement, Murphy began attending church despite his busy schedule.

Murphy had the opportunity to take a missionary trip to Italy after the retreat. There, she was baptized on the Italian Riviera. During the trip, Murphy learned that there are other people who need God’s love and that she can impact lives even if she doesn’t speak the same language. Murphy was able to connect with some of the kids in Italy by playing soccer with them.

When she became busier with football in high school after her missionary trip to Italy, Murphy didn’t go to church as often. During this time, Murphy realized that Jesus was what he lacked in his life. Therefore, she decided to make God a priority in her life.

Italian riviera

Prior to coming to Bryan, Murphy originally intended to attend Hiwassee College in Tennessee to become a dental hygienist. Although she had already committed to attending Hiwassee College, Murphy believed that God was leading her to go elsewhere. A month later, she received a call from the Hiwassee College football coach, who informed her that the college was closing due to financial difficulties. One of the reasons she changed schools was because Murphy decided that God was urging her heart to work with children with special needs instead of becoming a dental hygienist.

“I prayed about it and the Lord put my heart to my heart not to go, so I decided not to go,” Murphy said of his decision in college. She goes on to say, “It was God, like a hole in my stomach, I knew that was not the right way for me. What if I had continued my dental hygiene and had nowhere to go?

At Bryan College, Murphy learned that the outlook must change. Instead of focusing on what other people think of her, Murphy realized that she needed to care about others.

Throughout her spiritual journey, Murphey has also learned that God’s plan may not be what a person has in mind. Jeremiah 29:11 says: “For I know the plans that I have for you, said the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope” (ESV). As selfish human beings, people often want to control their own lives and make their own plans. In most cases, Christians must put aside their intentions, even if they are good, so that they can accomplish God’s will.

Isabelle Hendrich is a communications major and a history minor at Bryan College. In addition to running, Hendrich enjoys reading and crafts. She’s a triplet whose siblings Benjamin and Savannah also attend Bryan College.