Marin education officials are returning details of Ross Valley Charter’s $ 270,000 federal coronavirus relief loan to the state for review.

Bob Henry, an attorney representing the Marin County Office of Education, said he sent the documents to the state’s fiscal crisis management assistance team, known as FCMAT . He asks agency staff to see if they would recommend Marin County Superintendent of Schools, Mary Jane Burke, to conduct a financial audit of the charter and its loan application.

“It’s a pretty narrow benchmark,” Henry said Wednesday. “We ask them to please review and indicate whether any state education codes should be relied on to conduct an audit.”

Henry said there were at least four potential education codes that could potentially be affected. These include laws involving such things as “duty of oversight,” “overseeing fiscal responsibility,” or “overseeing charter management,” Henry said.

“At this point, we’re not passing judgment,” Henry added. “We’re just asking FCMAT to take a look at this. “

Henry said he submitted a 10-page document to FCMAT letter, with 90 pages of attachments, prepared by Ross Valley School District lawyer Sue Ann Salmon Evans. Letter details its findings regarding the charter school’s application process for a $ 270,000 federal paycheck protection program to lend through the Small Business Administration.

In the letter, Evans alleges possible misconduct involving the charter application process and financial documentation.

“It is clear that RVC’s PPP loan was not secured through the proper and required approval process, nor for the stated purposes of the PPP funding,” says the letter, which asks Burke to conduct an audit of the PPP. charter school. Evans alleges that the misconduct included: “misrepresentation to the federal government in connection with the P3 loan process”; “Misrepresentation to the public and in the RVC resolution; ”And“ falsification of documents to conceal facts ”.

Henry also submitted to FCMAT a four-page rebuttal letter from Sharon Sagar, Chair of the Ross Valley Charter Board of Directors. Sagar called the Ross Valley School District’s allegations “false and totally unfounded” and said they are all refuted by the attachments provided by the district.

“We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate to FCMAT that the allegations made by the Ross Valley School District are false and unfounded,” Sagar said Wednesday. “We are confident that a review of our actions and our documents will show that.”

Henry asked Sagar to submit further responses to him by Friday. He said he would review the additional documents and then forward them to FCMAT.

“Due to the nature of the allegations, the Marin County Office of Education considers ‘time is running out’ with respect to this matter,” Henry said in an email sent to both the school district and at charter school.

District officials said they asked Evans to review the PPP loan process as part of their due diligence ahead of a hearing later this year on the five-year pending charter. renewal petition. Anne Capron, chair of the Ross Valley School District board of directors, said tax issues could be considered as part of the renewal petition decision.

“We cannot ignore what appear to be documented violations of federal law,” she said.

The district rescheduled a special meeting on the matter for Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday after an accidental omission of public comments on the agenda released for Tuesday.

Wednesday night’s agenda remains the same, which is to consider a vote on a possible notice of violation against the charter school regarding the P3 loan process.

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