In addition to landing the cover, the publication featured Mike and members of the company’s government relations and economic development teams as they strive to provide jobs, growth and development opportunities to North Carolina communities, especially rural areas. Excerpt from the article, “A Sea of ​​Possibilities”:

Mike McIntyre grew up in Lumberton, North Carolina. He was a Morehead Scholar at UNC, where he won the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award for best exemplifying “selfless concern for the welfare of others.”

He obtained his Juris Doctor at the UNC School of Law. He could have gone anywhere to practice law, but McIntyre noted that he harbored “a desire to help those back home, where my roots run deep along the banks of the Lumber River and where my ancestors date back 200 years.

McIntyre is part of Ward and Smith’s government relations and economic development teams, including attorneys Jeff Bandini, Whitney Campbell Christensen, Lee Hodge, Jamie Norment and Hayley Wells. They work with private and government clients on agribusiness, coastal development, North Carolina’s defense industry, local tourism, energy and infrastructure, and sports and labor law issues. entertainment.

The Economic Development Group assists businesses with utility negotiations, state and county level economic incentive applications, and formation of NC entities.

Ward and Smith’s Government Relations Group advises clients through regulatory oversight, market advocacy and legal advice related to compliance with the range of government relations laws in the state and in Washington, D.C. DC.

“Our firm’s work in economic development brings hope and opportunity to the communities and clients we serve. Likewise, our work in government relations opens the door to these opportunities at the local, state, and federal levels and sometimes even internationally.

Recent projects include assisting an Israeli company in setting up its US headquarters in North Carolina, coordinating government economic incentives at city, county and state levels for two textile-related manufacturing operations and contract negotiation related to transportation improvement incentives for a home. home appliance manufacturer.

“A lot of people don’t realize that defense is the second largest industry in North Carolina. We have a strong practice with citizens and community groups that support our military and military communities,” McIntyre added.

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