Acting Health Minister Dao Hong Lan speaks at the meeting. (Photo: SGGP)
The Ministry of Health, on the morning of August 21, held a national online conference on improving people’s health care; adapting proactively and flexibly and contributing to rapid recovery and sustainable development.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh chaired the conference with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and National Assembly Social Committee Chairwoman Nguyen Thuy Anh.

Acting Health Minister Dao Hong Lan said that together with the Party, the people and the military, the health sector has overcome many difficulties and challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic to effectively control the disease and obtain positive and important results in the care and protection of people’s health.

However, besides the achievements, there are still many problems and limitations in medical work that need to be resolved soon, such as the shortage of drugs, equipment and medical supplies that occurred in many medical institutions; the institutional system still has many shortcomings, and the regulations allowing the purchase and auctioning of medicines and medical equipment, as well as the investments are still limited as in the recent prevention and control of the pandemic; there are many gaps in health financing issues, such as health insurance face value, hospital autonomy, health insurance payment, joint ventures, socialization and public-private partnership .

The Ministry of Health proposes to the Prime Minister specific policies to deal with the difficulties ảnh 2 Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam attend conference on improving healthcare; adapting proactively and flexibly and contributing to rapid recovery and sustainable development. (Photo: SGGP)

“The prices of medical services are slow to adjust, have not been calculated accurately and fully cover the actual costs, affecting the recognition of income and expenditure of medical institutions, especially in the context of hospitals following a mechanism The change in payment methods by diagnosis-related group and by rate has been slow,” said Ms. Dao Hong Lan.

She also said that the challenges caused by changes in disease patterns, a growing proportion of older people, globalization, urbanization and climate change have potentially contained many negative impacts on people’s health. Meanwhile, people’s needs and expectations for the provision of high-quality and timely medical services are higher.

In addition, medical personnel in public health institutions leave and quit their jobs because the remuneration schemes and policies for attracting human resources to the health sector are neither guaranteed nor proportionate to the training process and the level of employment. Meanwhile, Central Committee Resolution No. 20-NQ/TW and Politburo Resolution No. 46/NQ-TW have clearly stated that the medical profession is special. Health workers must meet professional and ethical requirements; they must be selected, trained and employed, and must receive a special compensation plan.

Faced with the above-mentioned difficulties and shortcomings in the health sector, the Acting Minister of Health has proposed that the government adopt policies aimed at supporting the tuition fees of students in health and medical fields, especially those in difficult-to-access fields. recruit, and prevention channels. and the basic health care system.

The Ministry of Health proposes specific policies to the Prime Minister to deal with the difficulties ảnh 3 The meeting scene.

The government promptly issued a decree amending Government Decree No. 56/2011/ND-CP of July 4, 2011, which increases the professional incentive allowance for preventive and basic health workers to 100%.

The Ministry of Health also suggested that the government consider and soon publish a resolution on solutions and supporting policies for rural health workers; offering the highest level of professional incentive allowance to health workers.

The titles of doctor, preventive medicine doctor and pharmacist, after recruitment, are classified at salary level 2 for all job titles.

The Ministry of Health has also proposed that doctors and workers who died from Covid-19 infection while performing their duties to prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic be recognized as martyrs.

By Nguyen Quoc – Translated by Thanh Nha