The discovery was made through a partnership between Pulcea and the University of Stirling’s Institute of Aquaculture, which has just been recognized as ‘outstanding’ for its knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) between industry and academia by Innovate UK.

The three-year project began in 2019 with £189,878 in funding from Innovate UK, following a £99,000 grant from the Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Center (SAIC) in 2016, which confirmed the concept of using ultrasound for the treatment of sea lice.

Ian Jamieson, Technical Director of Pulcea, said in a press release: “Our KTP with the University of Stirling has been a great success, delivering impressive results and allowing our innovative technology to be developed so that it can make a real difference to the aquaculture industry. in the future.

“SAIC’s support has been invaluable and we are delighted with the recognition from Innovate UK, which highlights the progress that can be made when business and academia work together.”

KTPs bring industry and academia together to deliver business-led innovation projects. Funded by Innovate UK, they aim to help businesses improve their competitiveness and productivity through knowledge exchange, technology and skills development, with support from leading UK universities. The academic aspects of the project were led by Professor James Bron and Dr Armin Sturm of the Institute of Aquaculture, alongside Pulcea Technical Director Ian Jamieson.

Rachel Brown, Head of Global Innovation for Aqua Pharma Group (APG), Pulcea’s business partner, said: “This project has been the perfect opportunity to transfer my skills and experience in veterinary ultrasound to the aquaculture industry. The knowledge triangle between the associate, the company and the academic partner has made it possible to accelerate the development of Pulcea’s innovation beyond what would have been possible otherwise. My focus now is on assisting my international colleagues at APG in the commercialization of this research.

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