About 20 people from Yellow Springs, Columbus, and Cincinnati celebrated the Pagan Festival of Beltane on May 1, 2011, at John Bryan State Park, with activities that included a pole dance. The event was sponsored by the Church of the Living Land, an ecumenical pagan group of Columbus. (Photo by Diane Chiddister)

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Compiled by Don Hollister

10 years ago: 2011

Mystery dinner set. “All residents of Yellow Springs are welcome to participate in ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?’ as a host or guest. … The event sponsored by African American Cross-Cultural Works, or AACW, will be a sort of mystery dinner, with hosts not knowing in advance who their guests will be and guests not knowing who will be hosting them.

Grandmothers to meet. “The second gathering of the Grand-Mother Spirit Council will be held on Sunday… in the art gallery of the Senior Center. Grandmothers or all women with grandmother roles are invited to come together to help each other and discuss.

25 years ago: 1996

May pole dance. “Residents of Yellow Springs looking for a colorful way to celebrate spring are invited to a traditional Maypole dance on Sunday… at the ‘triangle’ of East Davis and Livermore streets.”

Shots of glass farm. “The village council recently agreed to commit part of the village-owned glass farm to affordable housing development.” (See “50 years ago” below.)

Ellis Pond’s dredging plans appear to be “dead in the water”. “From the start, the Village had trouble keeping the spring-fed pond dry. [in order to dredge it], in large part because its elevation did not allow gravity drainage.

Bob Baldwin bought the BP station (now Nipper’s Corner). “Services will include a full-time mechanic, competitively priced self-service and full-service gasoline, and a ‘clean washroom’.”

Heavy rains cause mess problems. “A damp basement during periods of heavy rain is an inconvenient reality for many residents of Yellow Springs. Some who live in the newly built Kingsfield neighborhood, however, have an added headache: they not only have water in their basements, but untreated sewage.

50 years ago: 1971

Free Poco concert. “Richard Furay – ‘Richie’ for rock and roll fans from coast to coast – returns to Yellow Springs and brings his five-man rock and roll band ‘Poco’ on Sunday afternoon. They are headlining a free “rock concert” on the Antioch golf course. “

Shots of glass farm. “The Yellow Springs Planning Commission discussed Monday night … plans for the Yellow Springs Diversified Housing Corporation to build ‘cluster’ housing on the Glass Farm off Fairfield Pike and King Streets.” (Yes, that was 50 years ago – see “25 years ago” above.)

75 years ago: 1946

Walter Anderson. “The appointment of the first [Black] faculty member of the College of Antioch was announced today by college officials. Mr. Walter Anderson, now director of music at Karamu House in Cleveland, has accepted the chairmanship of the Antioch music department.

Mills Lawn plans. “The members of the village council will seek to know the wishes of the local citizens before deciding what to do with the year-old offer from the College of Antioch to cede Mills Lawn to the village… [Antioch] President Henderson pointed out that the college had attached “no conditions” to the offer beyond a desire to know the general plan the village might have for the use of the lawn and to specify that it had to be made for general civic use, including, probably, some use it as a park.

100 years ago: 1921

The new college president wants a village sewer system. “President Arthur Morgan of Antioch’s speech at AME Church drew a large audience. It was Mr. Morgan’s first appearance here and people were eager to hear from him about the plans for Antioch. … He also hinted that a city sewer system would be a great asset to the college. He has already hired a number of teachers who will come from cities with modern conveniences and you shouldn’t expect them to come here and be satisfied without them.

Mrs. Cordell and Mrs. Wingo. “The Welfare Club was entertained last Thursday at Mrs. Warren Cordell’s residence. After the business meeting, a two-course lunch was served by the hostess. The club adjourned to then meet with Ms. Albert Wingo.

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