Ocean Tomo Industry Report on Intellectual Property Market Support Services

As intellectual property continues to be recognized as one of the most important business assets, market support service companies (MSS) are becoming increasingly relevant.

Ocean Tomo, LLC has released its report on the IP Market Support Services (MSS) industry highlighting the importance of IP asset protection and specific offerings of IP MSS vendors in a context of changing technology, globalization, regulation and competition.

Despite some market consolidation, IP service providers largely provide single source solutions for data analysis / competitive intelligence, proof of use, reverse engineering, patent design, research anticipation, valuation of intellectual property, among others. The market, concentrated in North America and Asia, the two markets being respectively on the rise in the fields of health, software and telecommunications.

Daniel Principe, who oversees the creation of Ocean Tomo Industry Reports, shares “with intellectual property that continues to be recognized as one of the most important business assets, market support service companies (MSS) are becoming of more and more relevant. While MSS firms have primarily assisted technology and software companies in the past, adoption by a wide range of industries may be likely as companies continue to navigate the ever-evolving intellectual property space. evolution.

You can download the IP Market Support Solutions Industry Analyst Report here and learn more about our other industry reports here.

About Ocean Tomo

Ocean Tomo, provides financial expert, management consulting and advisory services related to intellectual property (IP) and other intangible assets; business accounting surveys; regulatory and reporting obligations; solvency and restructuring; and contractual or competitive disputes.

Practice offers focus on calculations and testimony of economic damage; accounting investigations and financial forensics; technology and valuation of intangible assets; strategy and risk management consulting; Mergers and Acquisitions; private placement of debt and equity; and intellectual property brokerage.

Intangible assets represent 90% of the value of the business, but are also subject to significant impairment due to business and regulatory compliance risk. Ocean Tomo helps clients – businesses, law firms, governments and institutional investors – realize the value of Intellectual Capital Equity® at large.

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