Panther Protocol and Firo team up for privacy research

Panther, which set out to provide private scalable infrastructure for smart contract platforms, Defi, and Web3 applications, has partnered with Firo, the company formerly known as Zcoin, which has been developing privacy technology since 2016 and was responsible for creating privacy protocols such as Lelantus and Lelantus Spark.

The two companies, which could to some extent be seen as adjacent competitors, have instead decided to cooperate and join forces to speed up research in the area of ​​privacy.

Panther contributes to the partnership with years of experience in cryptography and cybersecurity. Panther’s CTO, Dr Anish Mohammed, for example, with over 20 years of experience in security and cryptography, was an early advisor to, revised the orange paper, worked on several projects, including Ocean and Boson, and is the co-founder of the UK. Association of digital currency. Another important and notable member of the Panther team is Dr Arnold Yau, a Ph.D. in information security from Royal Holloway, University of London with a 20 year career in academic research, defense R&D , hardware security tokens, financial services, blockchain technology, and smart contract security.

Panther enables simple blockchain users, DeFi users, and institutions to exchange value between blockchains and DeFi infrastructure with zAssets: interoperable, fully secured, privacy-enhancing digital assets that leverage zkSNARK technology, while delivering a new privacy price discovery mechanism.

For Panther anonymity pools to function optimally, the size of the anonymity set in its protected privacy pools is particularly important, and one of the additional details of the partnership is that Firo holders will be able to act as ‘privacy issues and will be rewarded for providing their assets in the Panther vaults.

Firo, on the other hand, created a simple burn-and-spend model designed to strengthen privacy while making it more widely accessible. Thanks to financial confidentiality, Firo can directly guarantee fungibility, a fundamental characteristic of free trade.

Some areas of research that Firo and Panther want to collaborate on are research on privacy technologies, cross-chain bridges, and liquidity.

Reuben Yap, co-founder and project manager at Firo says:

“We welcome this opportunity. It is the responsibility of privacy advocates to travel together. By working with Panther, we will have a great opportunity to collaborate on our ZK technologies. The integration with Panther will also give us access to other channels and, therefore, much more liquidity. Panther CEO Oliver Gale praised the collaboration. “At Panther, we take our R&D very seriously. Working with Firo will be an interesting challenge. In some ways, the Firo product is more like a competitor, but we want to trade Firo assets on our InterChain DEX. Both companies are dedicated to the defense of privacy and this creates our common bond. “

The partnership between Firo and Panther to provide technical collaboration and research between the two companies will aim to develop new technologies and invest in new ways to deploy zero-knowledge proof systems relevant to privacy regimes. This will also allow the movement of Firo’s private assets through the chains.

Both Firo and Panther defend privacy as a basic human right and allow users to take back control of their money.

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