Polygonthe popular scaling solution for Ethereumand Mina Protocol, a lightweight, smart contracts platform, announced a bridge to merge the two technologies.

Billed as the “smallest blockchain in the world”, the Mina protocol weighs only a few kilobytes compared to Ethereum’s 300 gigabyte blockchain. This means that synchronizing the Mina network is also much easier for the average user; instead of heavy hardware requirements, you can run a full Mina node from your smartphone.

It is able to condense its network to this size through its use of zero-knowledge proofs, privacy-centric cryptography.

Today’s collaboration means developers can now build apps on Polygon using Mina’s zk-SNARK-enabled recursive apps, or “Snapps.”

The technical jargon can be summed up as follows: using evidence without knowledgethese types of apps can hide certain functionality from different parties.

Instead of being able to quickly find out who owns the most expensive non-fungible token (NFT) on Polygon, Snapps could hide the identity of the owner. The same for sensitive KYC information; a crypto protocol that needs these details could use a Snapp to assert, without exposing, key information like a passport number or date of birth.

Essentially, developers will now have the ability to include privacy features in any app they now build on Polygon.

“Building a bridge between Polygon and Mina is an important step towards realizing our shared vision of a fully decentralized ecosystem of dapps that puts users in control of their data,” said Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal.

Polygon goes private

The combination reinforces Polygon’s focus on improving scalability through privacy-preserving technologies. In August, the Scalability Project acquired Hermez, a scalability solution that uses zero-knowledge rollups, for 250 million MATIC tokens.

As of press time, both native tokens for each project are up. MATIC, Polygon’s token, is up nearly 5% in the past 24 hours. MINA is up almost 30% over the same period.


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