Ms. Priscilla Mokoena wants to get involved in the lives of others and give them tools and advice to cope.

She started working as a social worker at Tutela Family Care Secunda last year and she thinks this job is her calling.

She grew up in Welkom in the Free State and after completing her bachelor’s degree studied to become a social worker at North West University in the Vaal Triangle.

During her student years, she offered tutoring services on social work modules and also served on the social work committee, called Sowask.

“We identified the needs within the community and then launched projects to help meet those needs,” Ms Mokoena said.

She got her first job as a social worker with a charity, NG Welfare in Vanderbijlpark and worked there for a few years before moving to Secunda.

Ms Mokoena said it was because of her background that she decided to become a social worker.

“As a child, I was always surrounded by kind-hearted people and caring people,” Ms Mokoena said.

“I went to a Christian school and often saw how people’s lives were changed through acts of kindness.

“I am a very compassionate person who has empathy for others and there is something about my being that enhances me to have a positive impact on a daily basis.”

She wants to be more open to new interests and hobbies since moving to Secunda.

As a Tutela Family Care social worker, her message to the community is that people should not hesitate to ask for help if they have problems in their family life.

“We offer family care and early intervention and prevention services as well as statutory services.

“We are working to restore families and I want to encourage people to contact us for help.

“If people get help, it will have a positive impact on them and their families, and they can be better parents to their children.”

Ms. Mokoena firmly believes that social workers are not there to judge people, but rather to help and support.

“We are here to build and help people in their social functioning.

Tutela often lacks resources when it comes to accessing private therapeutic services for children and Tutela management has urged the community to support them.

If you are a professional and can help provide free or low-cost therapeutic services for those who cannot afford them and would like to volunteer, contact Tutela on 079 310

2599 or send an e-mail to [email protected]