The University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), created in 1985 by the autonomous government now led by the Socialist Party Emiliano Garcia-Page, branch the former advisor of Pablo Iglesias in the European Parliament Dina Bousselham as a university professor at the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences of Toledo. This podemita follows in the footsteps of her boss Pablo Iglesias and the ideologue of Podemos, Juan Carlo wallet, to spread the message of the ultra-left among students. Dean José Alberto Sanz Diaz-Palacios He tried, without much success, to make the young Moroccan woman go unnoticed among the students and for that he hid the name of the teacher in the class she teaches.

Bousselham was placed to teach the subject Specialization seminar: Latin America, culture, society and economy for the Diploma of International Studies. According to the Teaching Guide This subject provides basic knowledge on “the configuration of these geographical areas into influential geopolitical areas in the new context of cultural globalization and economic globalization which is already an unavoidable reality”.

Therefore, in principle, this subject should provide “specific skills for cultural, linguistic, political and economic relations with these regions from a multidisciplinary approach and taking into account the challenges posed by new territories and emerging markets. Finally, it allows us to obtain a panoramic view of the geopolitical reality in order to understand the current reality of these regions and their various international interrelations, ”according to the Faculty’s agenda.

This subject was to be taught Juan Luis Manfredi, Doctor of American History who was appointed Prince of Asturias Chair at Georgetown University, Washington DC, where Felipe VI studied and José María Aznar taught. He announced his departure to the Dean in May of this year, however, it was not until the beginning of the academic year, in September, when the post which he Bousselham would benefit from it.

Pablo Iglesias and Dina Bousselham in 2011.

“Concealment classes”

The former counselor of the Church teaches while “hiding” her identity. For this, according to sources consulted by OKDIARIO, he has the support of the dean José Alberto Sanz, who is the person in charge of updating the list of teachers in the academic calendar. A management that ignored him in the case that affects Dina Bousselham. This newspaper was able to verify that in the university calendar located next to the door of each class, in the class of Bousselham, it is indicated that the subject which it teaches is “awaiting to be assigned to the professor”.

Classroom where Dina Bousselham gives her lessons
Classroom where Dina Bousselham gives her lessons

Likewise, in an unusual way, in Dina Bousseham’s teacher file – accessible to students so that they can contact their teacher – a good part of the fields appear without being filled in, such as the telephone extension to contact the teacher.

Dina Bousselham file
Dina Bousselham file.

All teachers’ email addresses are similar in composition: they all begin with the first letter of the teacher’s name, followed by the last name. However, in the particular case of the former adviser to Iglesias, the word “teacher” in front of E-mail. Sources consulted by this newspaper assure that it is “a very crude formula” to try to hide the presence of Dina Bousselham in the public university of Toledo.

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