I Recently Decided The Kid With One F Is Old Enough To Watch Netflix stranger things. It may or may not be because I wanted to do a rewatch before the season premiere next month and it was a good way to claim living room TV without a fight. Good parenting and outright trickery are often the same thing.

We just wrapped Season 2, which included the reveals of how Eleven got her powers through unethical scientific experimentation. Casually, I mentioned that it was also Stephen King’s plot Fire starter.

“What is that Fire starterthey asked, and that’s when things got dense.

See you can’t really explain Fire starter without knowing MKUltra. So I had to tell the kid how the CIA spent decades after WWII trying to use drugs like LSD along with sensory deprivation to come up with a perfect method of brainwashing, interrogation and of mind control. These were conducted on involuntary subjects and brought very little scientific progress. In 1977, a Freedom of Information request revealed a trove of documents about the program that made national news and inspired King to repeat the idea for his novel.

This led to a discussion of how the CIA got away with this kind of nonsense, so now we have to talk about the incredible overreaction of the United States to Communism. As the nuclear arms race escalated and popular figures like Phyliss Schlafly began to advocate total nuclear annihilation of the Soviet Union as God’s will, the country lost its fucking mind. Whenever a country attempted to form a left-wing government, especially in South America and Latin America, the CIA would lead a charge to destabilize the region and install someone who would be more sympathetic to American corporations plundering resources. cheaper. The United States has personally trained a legion of right-wing dictators for decades, backing violent men who spit on democracy so that a handful of rich dudes don’t have to pay a fair price for fruit and other produce. base.

Since all the war we were doing was proxy, the CIA basically got a blank check and little oversight to do whatever it wanted. Financial interests in America were so afraid of workers’ rights and fair trade that they were willing to spend millions on mad science to keep them as far out of the country as possible. Meanwhile, the CIA has overthrown every possible left-wing government to prove that communism and socialism “don’t work.” We see the effects to this day. Many refugees on the southern border come from countries we helped ruin.

By then we had moved on to the episode where Eleven meets her sister on the streets of Chicago. So the kid asked me why so many homeless people in the episode were clearly mentally ill.

Now we’re talking about Ronald Reagan and how he brought a whole new dimension to anti-Communist madness by cutting social programs. These included the loss of much of America’s mental and behavioral health infrastructure when Reagan thankfully buried the Mental Health Systems Act. This was on top of the continued gutting of worker and union rights under the Great Communicator, which meant many people fell through the cracks and could not get or afford treatment. Reagan gave us the myth of the Welfare Queen, a racist substitute for the idea that socialist welfare states feed only greed and laziness.

We’re nearing the end of Season 3, and the question I was just asked was “Why are the Russians trying to open the door upside down knowing it’s full of demons?”

I said, “Because the Americans did it and maybe it will be a weapon to fight back. And the Americans did it first because they wanted a weapon to destroy the communists, and the government was literally giving out endless money for that purpose. Everyone turned the problem into an existential threat where the only way to survive was for the other to cease to exist, and it’s very hard to get out of it even when the demodogs eat your face. On our end, it really all came down to wealth junkies protecting their hideout. That’s honestly how most evils happen.

Season 4 of Stranger Things premieres May 27 on Netflix.

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