Mythical imagery, esoteric expressions of nature, the jaw-dropping presence of animation, manga-style characters, commercial art, pop culture, and the kind of anime-inspired punch you only not often seen in museums?

If you see a heady swirl of these various themes, you’re probably looking at one of Takashi Murakami’s transporting, mind-blowing and uplifting works, a large-scale piece that is surely awash in playfulness, layered with folksy and full of contemporary verve, a spirit that draws inspiration from modern commercial design, street art and the natural world.

Now The Broad presents its first-ever solo exhibition of the acclaimed artist’s work in “Takashi Murakami: Walking on the Rainbow’s Tail,” a show that debuts at the downtown museum on Saturday. May 21st.

Eighteen works, including deeper “immersive environments,” will be showcased at the months-long event, which ends on September 25.

“In these works, spanning sculpture, painting, wallpaper and immersive installations, the artist explores topics such as globalization, post-war Japan, pop culture and religious iconography,” shares The Broad.

Additionally, augmented realities are a whimsical feature, one in which “Murakami’s characters emerge from their physical form and enter a ghostly digital existence, harbingers of what is yet to come for Murakami’s work and thought”.

The artist, who studied animation at Tokyo University of the Arts, became legendary for happily merging once-irreconcilable worlds between disparate disciplines such as cartoons, contemporary design and fashion.

Takashi Murakami is also known for creating large-scale whimsical works, and a trio of such outsized pieces will appear in the exhibition, including “In the Land of the Dead, Walking on the Rainbow’s Tail”, a 2014 painting which is 82 feet long.

“This Is Not America’s Flag,” a separate exhibit, will also be on view at The Broad from May 21 through September 25.

“Featuring over twenty artists, the special exhibition ‘This Is Not America’s Flag’ highlights the myriad ways in which artists explore the symbol of the flag of the United States of America, highlighting its vast, divergent and complex meanings” , reveals the museum.

A ticket costs $18 for an adult and includes access to both “This Is Not America’s Flag” and “Takashi Murakami: Stepping on the Tail of the Rainbow.”

Tickets are timed and must be purchased in advance.

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