• Reverse the “public fee” rule, which prevented illegal immigrants from receiving public benefits such as food vouchers, Medicaid, housing vouchers, etc.

• Stop the policy of stay in Mexico until asylum seekers are granted asylum. Instead, all are released without a court date and no data is kept on their destination.

Recently Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told Business Insider: “We are on the verge of encountering more individuals at the southwest border than in the past 20 years.” It will overwhelm our systems. To what end? More voters for the Democrats? Bringing potentially 2 million people who do not understand our culture, our common values, who cannot read or write in English will destroy our country from the inside?

Victor Davis Hanson, Conservative commentator, wrote in Newsweek in 2017: “The Democratic Party welcomes poor immigrants from Latin America and Mexico. He hopes to provide generous social assistance and thereby guide newcomers and their offspring through the bowl of victimization and identity politics – and thus change the electoral map of key states from red to blue. “

Another crisis with massive and uncontrolled illegal immigration is the infiltration of drugs that kill 90,000 people each year. Governor Greg Abbott reported that there was an 800 percent increase in drugs brought into the country via Texas.

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