Its first owners abandoned it (Picture: Triangle News)

Do you have the muscles strong enough to push a 5 pound, 3 pound dog in a pram?

Well, you might be the charming Hugo you’re looking for.

The mastiff, who is almost two years old, was born with bone deformities in his legs due to unscrupulous breeding.

Poor Hugo, who ended up having to have his leg amputated, is still falling and tripping because he forgets he only has three legs.

His disability means his devoted nanny, Nikita William, does her best to take him for pushchair rides.

But, standing just 5ft 4in tall, which is the same length as Hugo from head to tail, and weighing just under three stone less than the dog, Nikita can struggle.

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Nikita said: “He was born with one badly deformed leg and all of his other legs were deformed.

“He had leg surgery to remove it.

“His other legs were x-rayed and we were told there really wasn’t anything we could do, we just had to see how he was doing.

“He’s just a young pup and he wasn’t doing very well in the kennels so they called me and asked if I knew anyone who could take care of him – I went pick it up the next day.”

hugo the adorable mastiff

What a face (Picture: Triangle News)

Poor Hugo was first sold to landlords who failed to get him the medical help he needed for his deformed leg, and they cruelly abandoned him when they moved overseas .

He was rescued by Hull Animal Welfare – and Nikita immediately fell in love with him.

Nikita, from Leamington Spa, West Midlands, said owners like Hugo who don’t get professional help from their pet when they need it are guilty of neglect.

hugo's x-ray of his deformed leg

Poor guy (Picture: Triangle News)

Hugo now suffers from severe bone deformities in his other legs as he relied on only three limbs to support all of his significant weight.

Vets are working on triaging the dog with a wheelchair, but for now he needs the pram.

Even though it’s a lot of work, Nikita says it’s worth it.

She said: ‘He’s a big boy, he weighs 34kg and I only weigh about eight stone.

Hugo pushed in his pram

This is what walkies look like for Hugo at the moment (Picture: Triangle News)

“He’s heavy – he got me once, and I did my back.

“It’s just about getting him in and out of the stroller, although he’s very good with that now.”

Hugo took his stroller like a “duck to water”, Nikita saying he is perfectly happy to be pushed around like a little lord.

Now the goal is to find him his forever home with people who can meet his needs.

Nikita said his ideal owner would be “strong” and have plenty of time to meet Hugo’s unique needs and help him play.

In his mind, the dog is a typical 18-month-old puppy, but his physical condition doesn’t quite match his energy level.

Hugo is also “clumsy” and “likes everyone”, and it will be difficult not to give in to his “big sad eyes”.

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