US Congress
District 2

Michael A. Geppi



Lutherville-Timonium, Baltimore County

Professor of economics, leadership and management at the University of Maryland and technology entrepreneur

BA, University of Towson 1997; Masters in Public Administration, University of Delaware 2004; MBA, Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park

Assistant Secretary of Health for the State of Maryland. State Department Deputy Director of Assessments and Taxation Counselor, Harford County Council Vice Chairman, Republican Party of Maryland Chairman, Harford County Republican Party Delegate 2008 Republican National Convention

What is the most pressing issue in your state or district?

I’m an economics professor, so it’s hard to ignore inflation. It is a cancerous form of imposition that often leads to suffering and misery. We also need to tackle income inequality and break up tech monopolies. Additionally, the 2nd District surrounds the city of Baltimore and includes a small portion of the city. We must stop this wave of violence and give our children a chance to have a quality education. We must also ensure free speech in all classrooms, K-12 and middle school.

What should the United States do to fight climate change?

The United States must ensure that it does what it can to reduce carbon output, while also holding China and other countries accountable.

How do you assess the US response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

President Biden has placed the United States in its most precarious position since before the war. Many options are no longer on the table, and the likelihood of a WMD or tactical nuke being used increases every day.

What should the United States do about the legal status and potential citizenship of undocumented immigrants living here?

The border must be completely secure before any discussion of the migrants’ immigration status can even be broached. I believe that legal immigration will prevent the humanitarian crisis that President Biden has inflicted on uo tons of 18,000 migrants entering our country every day. I worked closely with DoD intelligence agencies. We have no way of knowing how many terrorists simply enter our country. I sympathize immensely with the people who come into our country, but the simple fact remains that African Americans and other minorities are rapidly losing power in this country as migrants arrive in their millions. This disparity must be corrected.

How would you describe what happened at the US Capitol on January 6?

Many people who traveled to DC on January 6 went there with peaceful intentions. However, to storm the US capitol and walk straight into the Senate Chamber was a national disgrace. My opponent in the primary actually voted with the Republican committee to call January 6 for political discourse! I disagree and consider many of these people who broke into the capital to be criminals. Despite this view, the DOJ has been very harsh in its dealings with people who have done absolutely nothing but show up in the nation’s capital to take a stand. It is also a national disgrace.

What should the United States do now to prepare for the next pandemic?

We must outsource all necessary manufacturing of PPE, semiconductors and mission critical goods. Globalization has proven to have unintended consequences for national security.

What is the right balance for US transportation spending between roads and public transit?

Nationally, our cities need significant public transit improvements. We also need to maintain our roads. It’s a delicate balancing act. My time with the Maryland Department of Transportation provided me with an excellent knowledge of all modes of transportation.

What would you like the nation to do to better address income inequality?

We need to provide a lot more money for technical training. Not all children want or need to go to college. We need to invest hundreds of billions of dollars in training more doctors, engineers and scientists. We also need to crack down on the Silicon Valley-born monopolies and make sure the DOJ finally does its job and breaks up these tech giants. Amazon alone has put millions of people out of work while treating their own employees like dirt. Facebook and Twitter are others the DOJ needs to look into.

Describe your position on the law on the electoral count, which would put “safeguards” around the certification of presidential elections?

We must ensure that our elections are fair, accessible and completely accurate.

Who is your first choice for president in 2024 and why?

I’m a huge Ted Cruz fan. He’s smart and not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. I would support him wholeheartedly for a president.