zkTube is a layer 2 network protocol that uses ZK-Rollup technology to improve scalability on the Ethereum network through high throughput and lower costs. It is an Australian company headquartered in Melbourne that has gone through many milestones after launching in 2020. The company has also expanded its network to other countries. Recently, zkTube was launched in the Dubai and USA markets. It is also working on the official launch of its hosting platform very soon, which will make the process of becoming a zkTube node easier.

ZkTube mainnet is stable with increasingly faster transaction speed

zkTube mainnet was released on September 10, 2021 as the best Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum. This was one of the great achievements of zkTube Labs as it focuses entirely on reducing transaction fees on Ethereum Layer 2 to just 1% of Layer 1. Transaction speed was also one of its main goals. . zkTube aimed to deliver high throughput of over 3000 TPS, 200 times faster than on Layer 1.

zkTube has succeeded in achieving the two goals of increasing speed and reducing transaction costs.

The main zkTube network is stable. Based on user feedback, zkTube’s technical team continuously checks, updates and reiterates it at every step; as a result, the functionality of the network improves. Transaction speed is also getting faster and faster, leaving Layer 1 limitations behind.

zkTube will develop its chain games to develop the GameFi market

GameFi and NFT are the hottest topics these days. The recent global pandemic is also one of the reasons for such increased demand for GameFi and NFT. There are many successful games to come, given the growing demand and interest from users around the world. There are a lot of games out there that also work very well, like Axie Infinity, Crypto Blades, CryptoZoon, etc.

zkTube is very optimistic about the GameFi and NFT markets. It supports them both technically and financially through its fast and economical transactions and financing, respectively. Due to its infrastructure, zkTube is considered to be one of the most preferred platforms by developers for the development of GameFi projects. Through these projects, zkTube is also focusing on the large-scale adoption of ZK-Rollup technology.

zkTube believes GameFi is the next central scenario for DeFi, NFT, and more extensive crypto in the blockchain ecosystem. In view of this, the zkTube team will soon develop the on-chain games for their own network and introduce the GameFi market. zkTube plans to establish a GameFi Layer 2 ecosystem, easily accessible to everyone around the world.

zkTube is invited to DCentral Miami Conference 2021

Many companies greatly appreciate the zkTube and its support for the GameFi and NFT industries. Recently, zkTube was invited to the DCentral Miami Conference. DCentral Miami Conference is one of the largest NFT and DeFi events in the world. The event is organized to celebrate the art, creativity and Metaverse projects that intersect with the future of finance. The conference will be held from November 30 to December 1, 2021, with three different stages and NFT galleries.

zkTube is one of the sponsors of the DCentral Miami conference. He will be exhibiting and speaking at DCentralCon as a VIP. This conference will be an addition to zkTube’s global awareness, allowing people to learn more about zkTube and its future plans.

zkTube launches in Dubai and US markets

The growing interest of people in zkTube Labs prompted zkTube to expand its network to other countries. zkTube planned to open its offices in the United States, Canada and Dubai.

The good news is that zkTube is launching in Dubai and the US markets with the founding of the company. zkTube uses local resources. This launch will further expand the local nodes of zkTube.

The official zkTube hosting platform will launch soon

The zkTube team is consistent with the achievements adding more progress to the network. Each week a report is shared by zkTube showing its progress throughout the week.

The zkTube technical team is now focusing on the official zkTube hosting platform. Its launch is expected very soon. The hosting platform will make it easier to become a zkTube node. The number of global nodes will also increase significantly.

ZkTube & NULS Partnership – Improved Blockchain Services

zkTube has collaborated with many platforms to provide the best services to its users. Recently zkTube partnered with NULS. NULS is a platform that enables the deployment of advanced products to develop market-leading blockchain products. It provides smooth, fast, and cost-effective solutions for developers who don’t have a lot of blockchain experience.

zkTube, in partnership with NULS, will provide more economical and faster blockchain services to its users. Through its various partnerships and accomplishments, zkTube is ultimately moving towards its goal of becoming the most viable technology to promote blockchain adoption globally.

zkTube rewards the distribution of the Bounty program

The zkTube team has completed data statistics for the Bounty program. The exchange between ZKTC and ZKT is also completed and the final rewards will be distributed in ZKT. The rewards of 1 million ZKTC, equal to 10,000 ZKT, will be shared with 2,000 addresses.

zkTube announced that ZKT rewards will be transferred directly to the winner’s PayTube Layer 2 wallet.

However, zkTube also plans to shorten the unlock period for users who wish to continue contributing.

zkTube – The best Layer 2 environment for payment networks

zkTube is the best Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum. This is a protocol based on the PLONK algorithm powered by Zero-Knowledge Rollups. Network congestion, delayed transactions, and high gasoline costs have always been issues on Ethereum. zkTube combining advanced cryptography and ZK-Rollup improves overall network throughput, providing high transaction speed and low cost. It uses SNARK proof to make transactions quickly in real time. zkTube uses PLONK technology which contains miner codes to provide an environmentally friendly extraction mechanism with reduced power consumption.

zkTube has simplified the complex process of completing transactions and now it has become easy to transact between Layer 1 and Layer 2. It performs computation off-chain to avoid overloading the network which can lead to congestion network leading to high gas prices. Security is also not an issue with zkTube as it guarantees 100% at the Ethereum mainnet level. PayTube Wallet serves as a gateway between cryptocurrency and open finance. It supports cross-border transactions of over 3,000 digital assets.

zkTube is currently working on the development of the new version of the PayTube Wallet. The zkTube pool is under development. zkTube is also focused on completing the Cross-Rollup development process.

Previous zkTube achievements

  • The zkTube ZKT token has been listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and KuCoin.
  • zkTube was a sponsor of Blockchain Life Event Moscow 2021, which had been a great success.
  • The zkTube PayTube network wallet is connected to Ameegos & KILLAZ, CyberKongz & Riot Racers, 0xAdventure & Avastars, Axie Infinity & Loot, making its ecosystem more diverse and robust.
  • zkTube is part of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA).
  • zkTube, in collaboration with ONEUNI Capital and ten other institutes, created a seed fund of 10 million dollars to empower GameFi developers.
  • The official PayTube Wallet website has been launched.
  • The zkTube global support plan has been launched.